The Galore Guide to Traveling in Your 20s

Everyone wants to travel more, right?

Especially in your teens and 20s, when someone asks you what your life goals are, travel inevitably creeps into the top three.

Sadly, traveling can feel impossible for so many reasons — mainly the fact that it takes time and money. To go on a trip, you need cash. To get cash, you need to put in hours at work. But how can you work when you need time off to travel? Add in the ridiculous financial demands on our generation in the form of skyrocketing rent and student loans, and it can start to feel like there’s a vicious cycle in place that was expressly built to prevent you from traveling.

But what if we told you it didn’t have to be like that? For one thing, there are plenty of ways to travel on the cheap. And for another, travel doesn’t have to mean jetting off to Europe for a month. It can just be picking a spot on the map in your home state and hopping a Greyhound bus for a day trip.

We’ll also be covering style in different cities, plus restaurants and the coolest things to do wherever you end up day tripping or vacationing this August.

After all, traveling’s really about experience a new culture and expanding your worldview. And you can pretty much do that anywhere. So with that in mind, we’re gonna tell you all about our favorite trips and best travel ideas throughout the month of August. Buckle up! And keep checking this space as we update it with travel stories throughout the month.

Place-by-Place Travel Guides:

South Florida

Nashville, Tennessee

Atlanta, Georgia

Vancouver, Canada

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South Africa

Puerto Rico

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