The 12 Coolest Things To Do In Vancouver According to Sophia Pierson

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Sophia Pierson of WAGS is a Vancouver native, reality TV babe, and social media star. Here’s her guide to Vancouver.

Vancouver is easily the world’s most beautiful city.

The city is surrounded by white sand beaches, nestled in amongst a variety of local ski mountains, and situated a gorgeous coastal hour’s drive away from North America’s best ski resort  — Whistler/Blackcomb.

With the freshest city air on earth, Vancouver is incredibly multicultural, and reflecting its diversity boasts an extremely delicious food scene (specifically seafood). The city isn’t so large that when hosting a big sporting event, concert, or festival, it livens and encapsulates the city.

Vancouver’s variety of accessible beaches by bike lanes and paths make it a fantastic summer get away. Further, it’s easily reached local winter activities — skiing, snowshoeing, and skidooing make it fun in any season. The only downfall to Vancouver, is the rain. There also isn’t Uber yet. But regardless, Vancouver is absolutely amazing and definitely worth a visit.

  1. West Oak Restaurant in Yaletown

A favorite of many visiting celebrities, makes this one of the trendiest restaurants with some of the best dishes in town. The Chinois Prawns they are an absolute must. The restaurant also has a high end champagne lounge attached to it called Pierre’s — probably the city’s most exclusive room and a great place to party.

2. Pacific Rim Willow Stream Spa

A beautiful spa overlooking the harbor and local mountains, with incredible amenities and excellent service. They make you feel like a queen — or king! The Lobby Lounge of the hotel is also one of the best cocktail lounge’s on earth.

3. Hawksworth

Situated in the legendary Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Hawksworth is quite simply the best restaurant in the country. Winner of numerous international restaurant awards, it’s a can’t miss when visiting town. Ask for Jozef there — the most incredible maître d’/ customer service manager.

4. The Parlour in Yaletown

The restaurant/bar has the best homemade pizza in town, and is a great place to party. It’s a good place to start the night off. The lights are brighter than a club, but it’s always a great party vibe.

5. Twelve West Night Club

The best nightclub in Canada. It probably sells more Dom than it does beer. Best music, best crowd, best VIP service in town.

6. Stanley Park

TripAdvisor’s Best Park in the World. Breathe the fresh nature air and walk/bike/rollerblade the seawall. There’s food, parks and family entertainment. Famously bigger than New York’s Central Park, it sits adjacent downtown, is about equal in size, and is surrounded almost entirely by beautiful beaches. There are tons of swans, ducks, raccoons, eagles, squirrels, fish, frogs roaming free and friendly in the park. The seawall/bike and walking path that surrounds the entire park has views of the ocean, mountains, and the historic lions gate suspension bridge.


7. Fritz European Fry House

Serves Canada’s famous food, poutine Open late and it located next to TwelveWest (#5) so you can eat a nice greasy poutine after drinking all night at the club. They have special toppings and sauces, and hot dogs as well.


8. Quarry Rock hike in Deep Cove

A gorgeous quick, beginner hike just north of the city. The top of the hike overlooks the mountains, and inlet. It’s stunning.


9. Kobe’s Japanese Steak House

Serves the most delicious Japanese-style griddle and Izakaya dishes while the chefs entertain the guests. The food is cooked right in front of you and the atmosphere is great.


10. English Bay Beach

At the entrance near Stanley park, this park is surprisingly tropical for rainy Vancouver. When it’s sunny and hot. It almost feels like Hawaii. Food vendors, fireworks, amazing ocean front sunsets.


11. Granville Island

Take the sea taxi from Yaletown across to Granville Island market year round. Featuring a vibrant fruit produce and pacific coast seafood market specializing in world famous BC salmon. The market is also a great place to grab breakfast on the water and rent a ski do or a party boat.

12. Cactus Club in Coal Harbour

The largest restaurant in Canada and it sits beside the 2010 Olympic torch. The restaurant overlooks the ocean. The food is amazing and the drinks are great. Good atmosphere to start off the night, young and hip crowd.

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