1. Roosmarijn de Kok Explains How To Cut Through The BS & Find a Wellness Routine That Works For You 

    Take a look at Roosmarijn de Kok’s Instagram, and you’ll immediately regret not sticking to your New Year’s Resolution. A quick browse through Roos’ feed provides a slideshow of wellness: Roos cooking with some herbs that she grew herself in her NYC apartment, Roos perched atop two weightlifting benches performing an intense booty workout, Roos

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  2. Cover Girl Dominique Jackson is dancing into our hearts

    Dominique Jackson is strutting through our lives and instagram feeds. If you haven’t heard by now, meet the model, actress, advocate, and dancer Dominique Jackson. Having been in the limelight for several years and a firm influence to young LGBTQ+ community, Dominique continues to inspire and grow with her audience. Author of ‘The Transsexual from

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  3. Grace VanderWaal is the future of pop music

    Clad in yellow leggings and clutching a ukulele, Grace VanderWaal took the country by storm when she performed her original song, “I Don’t Know My Name”, on America’s Got Talent in 2016. Not even a teen yet, the 12-year old proved herself as a musical genius and quickly found a tremendous fanbase, eventually taking the winning

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