1. Omar Apollo Is Taking Flight

    Omar Apollo’s serenading vocals layered over a funky psychedelic beat are the musical additives to the 23-year-old’s newest single, “Stayback.” From his forthcoming debut album, the Mexican-American artist continuously teeters between 70’s reminiscent melodies to classic hip hop rundowns.  Apollo’s next longform project follows the release of “Stayback” which the genre fluid artist has identified

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  2. Leomie Anderson does quarantine

    We caught up with model/ designer/ Galore cover girl/ VS Angel, and all around renaissance woman Leomie Anderson, on what she’s been doing to keep herself busy during quarantine. The British model—who has already achieved major notoriety in her career—is just getting started. Leomie has taken this time to focus on her own streetwear label

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