1. If you’re a fan of either cake, glitter, or dancing on tables, you’ll love Tyson’s artsy new music videos

    If you’re reading this I feel as though it’s safe to assume you are in fact a lover of cakes, glitter and table-dancing, in which case you’re in good company. Tyson Daily Salomon, known professionally as Tyson, has got you covered. She’s the bold, unapologetic 19-year-old voice we’ve all been waiting for in music. First

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  2. Lily Aldridge’s 6-year-old daughter takes her Huji pics (amazing)

    Ah, motherhood. A great return on your investment! Kids, though – you can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Especially not if they’re your designated IG photographer. Recently, Lily Aldridge took part in a campaign with New York-based retailer, Rag and Bone, entitled the “DIY Project”, which features a number of other celebrities and

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