1. Watch Gin Wigmore get a rando tat inspired by her latest track

    New Zealander Gin Wigmore won a U.S. based International Songwriting Competition when she was just 16, and since then her tracks have been on One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, Teen Wolf, and Revenge. Her latest track “Hallow Fate,” is in collaboration with cool girl tattoo artist Briana Sargent, who created a tattoo inspired by Gin’s new single. READ ALSO: A pro

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  2. lana-del-rey-summer-bummer-galore

    Lana Del Rey is coming out with another summertime song

    Lana Del Rey knows how to stick to her brand, which is why the next single she’s releasing is called “Summer Bummer.” By all accounts it looks to be the thematic sequel to her hit song “Summertime Sadness,” just with less sadness and more ennui. READ ALSO: Kris Jenner posted an Instagram detox tea ad

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  3. Leyna Bloom is liberated af for NYC Pride

    Leyna Bloom slays all day. In honor of pride month, the model took some killer photos with Nicola D’Orazio in front of the Stonewall Inn to remember those who fought for the LGBTQ community before her. She regards going to Chicago Pride as a teen as one of her fondest memories of a time where she really

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