1. Lana Del Rey Is Apparently Getting Into Witchcraft to Defeat Trump

    In the last week since Lana Del Rey’s new song and space-themed music video for “Love” were released, she’s been really pushing the intergalactic aesthetic. This was exciting to fans, leading them to believe that maybe the new album would have an out-of-this-world theme, but now it looks like she might be heading in a new direction:

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  2. Dorothy Is a Rock Star For the 21st Century

    While in my hometown of Chicago on her Rock is Dead tour with The Georgia Flood, I had the privilege of sitting down with a reigning princess of rock n’ roll, Dorothy. I’ve listened to all her songs and followed her on Instagram with insane outfit envy, but never had the opportunity to see her perform

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  3. justin_bieber_pee_pee_boy_galore_mag

    It Sure Looks Like Justin Bieber Peed His Pants In LA

    Peeing in your pants is something most grown humans between the ages of 10 and 50 don’t have to worry about, unless you’re Justin Bieber. On Thursday, at 7:23 a.m. EST, TMZ posted a video showing Justin Bieber walking around LA in a pair of $400 sweatpants with the words “Eleven Inch Gun Club” down

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