1. Herizen channels her darker side on new EP DEMON

    We spoke with Miami-born and raised musician and actress Herizen to discuss her brand new EP DEMON, staying inspired during the pandemic, and her very diverse musical influences. Also released today, is the visual for the EP’s title track, which you can check out here.  Though you might know Herizen from her roles in the

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  2. Mau y Ricky Go Back To Their Pop-Punk Roots

    What’s better than a sexy latino man? Two sexy latino men who are brothers—and sing to boot! Venezuelan-born brothers Mau y Ricky recently released a break-up anthem “La Grosera” that’ll remind you of the pop-punk hits from your youth, which makes sense since the brothers say they grew up listening to New Found Glory and

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  3. Carmelys Ovalles Sobre Afro-Latinidad en Paris

    Carmelys Ovalles es originaria de la República Dominicana. Una hablante de tres idiomas (español, francés e inglés) Carmelys es una estudiante actual en París. Ella es altamente cedida hacia la liberación global de negros y mujeres. Galore: ¿Qué significa para ti la identidad dominicana? ¿De qué manera ha cambiado su comprensión de la identidad desde

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