1. 7 Styles of Black Braids You’ll See All Over Pop Culture

    Remember a while back when when people started referencing cornrows as “boxer braids”? Yeah, we don’t need another incident like that ever again… well, at least we can try to prevent it as much as possible. Just because a Kardashian/Jenner makes it a “trend,” doesn’t mean they created it, and that goes for everybody. Consider

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  2. The Longest Lasting Lipsticks for Chic Stoners

    Picture this: your crush invites you over to smoke. You put on a sexy but chill outfit and apply your nude lippie, then you head on over and get ready to get stoned and sensual. But there’s one problem: as soon as you take a hit, an awkward brown stain from your lipstick gets on

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  3. selena_weeknd_galore

    Selena and The Weeknd Decided to Unfollow Bella Hadid

    Just when you thought we’d finally moved past the whole Selena Gomez vs. Bella Hadid narrative, Selena and The Weeknd had to go and unfollow Bella on Instagram. Thanks, guys. READ ALSO: Selena Finally Got The Weeknd to Kiss Her In a Paparazzi Pic In real life, it’s kind of a given that you’d wanna

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