1. trump_fashion_cover_galore

    What To Wear If You Want to Fit in With Trump’s America

    There are lots of stereotypes associated with Trump voters. Some people claim they’re all uneducated, some people assume they all sleep with guns under their pillows, but one thing’s for sure: they have their own distinct fashion sense. READ ALSO: Ivanka Trump Basically Wore a Formal Skort to the Inauguration Galore TV’s Victoria Brandt was on

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  2. galore_mag_donald_trump_gemini

    Trump’s Scrubbing the White House Website of LGBT Content

    Donald Trump’s presidency is only a few hours old and his administration is already committing LGBT erasure. Within hours after his inauguration, our new president’s administration deleted several pages from the official White House website. So what, it’s just a few pages? Why does that matter? It matters because before today, the official website had several webpages

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