Mama Million has made it her duty to take her hometown’s drill rap genre to a new level and she’s just getting started. Recently signing a record deal with Great Day Records, Mama Million just dropped her new video and is ready to take over hip hop. I sat down with her to discuss her newest single, being signed and much more!


How has your hometown Chicago influenced your rap style?  

Chicago music is known for drill,and I have always been the pretty girl type that likes to have fun, so I found a way to keep my hometown sound but change it into positivity pretty girl lit fun music! 

Where did you get your stage name from?   

I’ve grew up with the nick name “mama” and one day one of my brothers said my performance name should be “Mama Million” and from that day forward I stuck with it! 

Last year you did your first “On the Radar” freestyle, which expanded your platform to a new level of hip hop fans. Talk to us about this experience and what was the response from your freestyle.   

So, I originally made this freestyle on a normal day at the studio and posted a clip of it on social media. It went semi-viral and after that I went on the “on the radar” platform and performed this freestyle even though I didn’t want to perform it. 

I felt like I had better music, but everyone around me wanted me to perform this song so I did it and it went through the roof, and I didn’t expect it to. 

You recently signed a record deal with “Great Day Records. What made you choose to sign with them? What are you most looking forward to with your new partnership?   

For years, my manager has followed Baroline on social media. He felt like she was a great move and he wanted me to sign with her for a long time. What made me go with B. was how much she believed in me, she fought for me, she believed in my dreams and that’s always the key for me.  

To surround myself with people that genuinely believe in me. I’m looking forward to hit records, longevity, and to help make Great Day One of the hugest labels. 

Let’s talk about your new single & visual “OochieWalla”. Where did the inspiration for the song and music video come from?   

I was joking around freestyling the words, Oochie Walla. The people around me felt like it sounded good and told me to go in the booth and record it. I laid it on the track and the track ended up being super fire so that’s what made me stick with the song, but I didn’t know what the word oochie walla meant at first!  

I did research and everything fell in place perfectly. I call it fate lol! The song is fun, hard and has a pretty girl vibe. Me and B. needed a way to make my first released song being with Great Day Records HUGE! 

A statement that gives “IM HERE” “IM A STAR” and “IM GETTING RIGHT TO WORK” with the visual I felt like it was perfect with the song I did not come to PLAY! 

For anyone who’s never heard a Mama Million song, what is the first one you’d play for them?   

I would play “Hersey Kisses” because it defines me! 

What’s next for Mama Million this year? Anything you can share exclusively with Galore readers?  

MAMA MILLION will be the hugest artist out of Chicago! Lots of dope records coming! 


Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

Photographer: Swurve (@swurv3)

Photographer: Antonio Crosby (@successfulteej)

Hair Stylist: Mary Scott (@ladyscotthairco)

Makeup Artist: Armando Garcia(@arrmandogarcia)

Stylist: Kendrick Carter (@the_kcexperience_)

Stylist: Jade Burton (@imflyjade)

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