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Today, Fair Visions (Ryan Work) share their much anticipated album, Quite An End. On Quite an End, Work brings a live arrangement in place of sequencers for their debut LP of poignant, shimmering off-the-wall indie rock. The album finds Fair Visions working alongside a larger cast of friends and collaborators with producer Abe Seiferth (Nation of Language, LCD Soundsystem, Car Seat Headrest). Featuring Tim Lappin (Casual Male) on bass, Chris Egan and Jesse Lewis on drums, Beck Zegans (Goo!), Syd Matisse and Leah Lavigne (Ok Cowgirl) filling out background vocals, with contributions from local legends Miles Hewitt and John Roland Miller. Quite an End was recorded in the Summer of 2021 at Transmitter Park Studios and was mastered by Joe Lambert.



You have an impressive list of collaborators on the LP. How did those collaborations come to fruition?

I’ve definitely been blessed with the help of a number of talented friends and musicians. Some through my personal knowing and some through our producer, Abe Seiferth.

John Miller and Leah Lavigne are members of the original trio, John filled in some synths and Leah background vocals on singles “Tell Me A Lie” and “I Want You, Babe.” I’ve known John since early days in college and we’ve worked together on various projects over the years. Leah and I met in New York through the music scene and now rather than her on synthbass as in the old days I’m holding down the bass with her project Ok Cowgirl.

Miles Hewitt and I met in Boston through John & other college friends. He’s worked with me on Fair Visions-related endeavors throughout the years, this being the first where he’s featured in the music, check “Come Back” for his “A Hard Days Night” guitar moment.

Jesse Lewis and I played in a band, Kid le Chat, together – it was great to have him on drums for a couple tracks, “To Have & to Hold” & “Felt Like Dancing.”

Beck Zegans and Syd Matisse fill out harmonies on a handful of tracks. Beck and I met through John, various coffee shops and music friends – her project Goo! is one of my favorite bands. Syd I met around the same time and scene as Miles in Boston, a long-time musical acquaintance that I was fortunate enough to work with on this.

Tim Lappin and Chris Egan fill out the majority of the rhythm section, both players Abe was able to bring in, both were a dream to work with.

What was your experience like playing SXSW this year? 

It was great! My first time down, I was born in Dallas and moved to TN before I can remember but it didn’t keep me from letting everyone know I’m “technically a Texan,” got some eye-rolls for sure.

The full 5-piece arrangement wasn’t able to make it down but we adapted to have John on bass and go synthless. We played alongside some friends in The Infinites and Ok Cowgirl for the release of “Lost & Older.”

We had some BBQ, rode around in an old Ford Bronco and tossed a football around all week it was a dream really.

As the release date for the EP grows closer, what emotions are you feeling? Are there any songs from the record that you are particularly excited for the world to hear?

Feeling a lot of relief and excitement. It’s been nearly three years since we wrapped recording the album. A lot of life has happened in the meantime, a lot has been written and it feels like a previous version of me on the record in many ways.

I’m eager for folks to hear the energy the live arrangement has brought out in the music. Songs like “An Open Door” and “Come Back” are ones that I’m particularly happy to finally be available to everyone’s ears. “Felt Like Dancing” and “The Mailman” too, it’s crazy the songs aren’t out yet they feel so integral to the band at this point, excitement and relief for sure.


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