Spearheading the modern sound of R&B music, singer, songwriter & actress Coco Jones is a name you need to familiarize yourself with. Not only is she beautiful, talented, and funny af, but Coco is a superstar in the making right before our eyes. We sat down with her to discuss all this music, entertainment, beauty, and much more! Read our full Interview below.

You often mention how being a child Disney star prepared you for your busy life now as a singer and actress. How did you join the Disney family, and how did you balance having a normal childhood while constantly working on your craft? 

I joined the Disney family by auditioning. I went to a casting call, gave them my album, they called me back, and I was on Next Big Thing, then boom, another show. Balance was not my choice, so I had to return to normalcy until the next opportunity.

You moved away from your family to pursue your career in LA at 17. Take us back to that time and how you adjusted to living independently. 

I did a year of theatre in New York, so I had confidence. If I could service in NY, I could do so in LA. Plus, I had friends there.

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You’ve talked about adjusting to being the boss of your career and how difficult it has been to make business decisions on your own. How have you navigated through the difficult choices you make daily while still creating music and working as an actress? 

Being a Boss is not very fun at times. It’s about setting boundaries and prioritizing your company’s success over personal feelings. I had to learn that balance from my mom, who is fantastic and was my first example of a boss. 

Let’s take it back to your first project, “H.D.W.Y,” which you released in 2019. For someone who’s never heard of this project, what is your favorite song and why? 

My favorite song on that project is “Just My Luck.” It’s a baby ICU, and I walked so the ICU could run.

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During the pandemic, someone tweeted, “What happened to Coco Jones?” You replied, talking about what had happened in your life the past few years, and it went viral. Tell us about your reply and how this tweet changed your career trajectory!  

My Reply was just a question that I wanted to know the answer to. I was genuinely curious about whether they wanted to hear my story, and I was blown away that they did and had an emotional stake in my success. It was my second wind to try again.

As beautiful and talented as you are, you’ve talked about how colorism deeply impacted your mental health. For those who don’t know much about colorism, tell us about how it can impact darker skin artists in the industry and how you were able to improve your mental health as you got older. 

Colorism is simply choosing someone based on the color of their skin. It impacts darker-skinned women by having them feel looked over. As I got older, I realized Colorism had nothing to do with my value or work. It had much to do with systemic problems going on for a long time. I want to break those patterns for the next generation of girls looking to do what I do.

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It’s safe to say just about everyone has watched the original Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at some pointIn the Peacock re-imagination of Bel-Air, you play a modern-day Hilary Banks, who is similar to but different from the original. Can you tell us about how it felt to get the role of Hilary and how your character has evolved in the three seasons available so far? 

I auditioned for Hillary’s character, and surprisingly, I wasn’t confident I fit the role. But My show Creator, Morgan Cooper, really loved my work before I auditioned, so It showed me that when it’s your opportunity, it’s yours. Hilary has evolved into a relatable girl trying to navigate creating her own business, being her boss, and making her seat at the table.

As great of an actor, you’ve always made it clear that music comes first. You were very intentional about establishing yourself as an artist while simultaneously building your acting career. How did you manage to focus on both music and acting, and what advice do you have for anyone looking to do the same? 

Music and acting would pop off at different times, creating the balance. I would advise creating your opportunity; a lot can happen through social media; you can create a fanbase, so don’t wait for others to tell you you’re ready.

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Last summer, you headlined your first tour with Part 1 of “What I Didn’t Tell You Tour” and Part 2 a few months later. What was being on time like for you, and what have you learned as an artist through this experience? 

Being on tour is such a challenge, and it brings out the athletic performer in me who wants to give it all I have every night. I learned that my projects are moments in time, and when I’m in the studio, I think about what world I want to be in for the next six months.

When you’re not working on music or acting, what are your top 3 favorite things Coco Jones does to relax and have fun? 

Eat and try new restaurants, and it’s therapeutic to do nothing and just be.

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Your 2nd project, “What I Didn’t Tell You,” features bangers like Headline, No Chaser, and ICU. What’s so interesting about ICU blowing up is that the song was out for a while before it took over the R&B charts. When you dropped this project, did you know ICU would be your breakout single, or did you have a different song in mind?  

When I dropped WIDTY, everyone around me knew that ICU was the song and believed in it.

Anyone who’s seen Bel-Air knows you can act your ass off, but if you could play any role outside of Hilary, what would it be? A superhero, sci-fi, or something else? Let us know what Coco’s dream role is! 

I would love to do a role that puts respect on my name as an actor. Something like action or an intense dramatic switch up from who I am.

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You’ve been nominated for 6 Grammys this year, ranging from Best New Artist to Album of the Year! Where were you when the nominations were announced, and how has this amplified your career even more than it’s already been? 

I was on the plane when I got my nominations, and I couldn’t wait to land to answer people’s calls and texts and celebrate with my family. To be associated with this elevated my talent in many ways.

You’ve collaborated with many fire artists like Brent Faiyaz, Justin Timberlake, and Babyface. Who else would you love to work with and why? 

Beyoncé, because I’m such a sponge, I would want to learn from who she is, and that could be life-changing.

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You’ve hinted at new music in 2024 once you came off the high of touring. Have you already started working on your next project, and if so, can you give us a hint of what we can expect from your 3rd project? 

I’ve started working on my debut album, and I’m more confident as a creative, so this album will be more courageous.

Every time the world sees you, it gives 90s supermodel vibes. Perfect hair, makeup & outfit. What are some of your favorite beauty items you can’t live without?

Eyebrow pencil, lip gloss/Chapstick, mascara!

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If you had to live with three beauty items for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

My favorite beauty item is sunscreen because I’m in bright lights and carpets doing press. It’s my go-to.

What is a hairstyle you absolutely can’t live without? 

The hairstyle I can’t live without is a bus down the middle part!

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