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  1. Exclusive: Ghostkeeper Announces New Cîpayak Joy LP, Shares “Raven” Single + Video

    Watch Raven here:  Since day one, the Ghostkeeper band name has been defined by the core duo of namesake singer, songwriter, and guitarist Shane Ghostkeeper, and singer, songwriter, and percussionist/electronics manipulator Sarah Houle. Over the years, the band has encapsulated numerous other configurations and stages of development, and the most recent one is responsible for their critically-acclaimed

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  2. Jessica Carter Altman: Personal Reflections and Musical Evolution in “Aftermath”

    Jessica Carter Altman has taken the music world by storm with her debut album, “Aftermath”. In this exclusive interview, Jessica opens up about the inspirations behind her deeply personal project, sharing insights into how profound change and personal loss have shaped her musical journey. With a blend of heartfelt lyrics and innovative sounds, “Aftermath” promises

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