Lil Tecca has worked with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, solidifying his spot as one of the top Gen Z rappers out right now. On a high from his latest studio project TEC, he’s ready to drop some new fire just in time for those hot summer days. If you want to know all about the rap star, keep reading below:


How has being from Queens, New York influenced your artistry?

Although I would say my family and upbringing influenced my artistry the most, Queens has been an undeniable influence in my love for music since a young age. From playing outside on the streets with my brother and friends, to going to the park every day, to my family gathering and even just chilling in the crib, music was always being played around me.

When did you first decide to take rapping seriously?

After I made my first dollar off music, I realized I could probably do this for a while.

For those who’ve never heard your music, what would you describe your sound as? 

A vibe for anyone that’s going through anything. Although I do have my core sound, I like to experiment sonically throughout my projects. You might hear a dancehall vibe, then a R&B song, and then something that sounds like more traditional Tecca.

You released your first project We Love You Tecca back in 2019. Take us back to this time and talk about the process of creating it. 

What a time. That was a point in my life where everything was moving so fast and everything was so new to me; it felt like a literal movie. The process of creating that mixtape was fun because it was a mixture of songs I already recorded with songs I got to record while going through this crazy experience for the first time. I didn’t really think too much besides just creating music for that project.

Following your first project, a year later you released the Virgo World album which features songs with Lil Durk, Polo G and Lil Uzi Vert. How long did it take you to record this project? What’s your favorite memory of creating Virgo World?  

Funny enough, I feel like Virgo World was the only project where I wasn’t actively working towards an album in mind. Pandemic had hit a few months after my first project and the world was in such a weird place that the only place I had to escape to everyday was the studio, which ended up basically becoming my apartment for that whole year.

I went through so many ups and downs that year of recording and when looking back at my favorite memory of creating it, it would be the whole experience because I needed to go through it to be where I’m at now and I learned so much about myself through that whole experience. I’m definitely much more intentional now than I was then.

During the pandemic you also released “We Love You Tecca 2”, which features songs with Gunna, Chief Keef & Lil Yachty, just to name a few. When creating songs, how do you decide who you want to be featured on a song? 

I listen to my ear for the most part and the person that naturally comes to mind when listening. And sometimes some of the producers I collaborate with will give me those ideas, which I’m always open to hearing as well.

 Your 3rd full length album TEC was released last year and features 17 songs. One of the lead singles HVN On Earth features Kodak Black. How did this collaboration come about? What’s your current favorite song on TEC? 

Really, I just cooked that beat up as soon as BNYX sent me the melody and recorded it in my room right there. As soon as I finished it, I knew Kodak would sound perfect on it, so my manager sent it to his manager and that was it. My current favorite song off TEC is “500lbs” for sure and it’s been fire to see the reaction to it at my shows.

 Did you expect TEC to be as commercially successful as it is? 

I don’t think about the commercial success that comes with my projects, but TEC is definitely my favorite body of work that I’ve created thus far and definitely a project I took more risk on than others sonically without straying too far from my sound. It made me really happy to see my fans and the world enjoy my experimentalist side which is something I will be building off of in the future. Also, from a rollout perspective, this was the most cohesive and smoothest rollout, which I also believe attributed to its success.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? 

Baby Keem, Brent Faiyaz & Drake.

Let’s talk about your most recent tour: HVN On Earth Tour. You performed in 19 cities in 2 months. Tell us about what this experience was like and what you learned from it. 

A: BY FAR BY FAR my best tour experience I’ve had from every angle. From the stage design to the production, to the merch, to all the shows being sold out, every part of it was fire.

Recently you performed at Rolling Loud California with a 45-minute set on the Gopuff stage. You performed hits like HVN On Earth, 500lbs and fell in love. Talk to us about your time at Rolling Loud and what you enjoyed most about performing there.

This was by far the best Rolling Loud performance and experience for me. As much as I love performing at my own shows, it’s a blessing and really fun to perform in front of huge festival crowds that are turning up as if it was a Lil Tecca show. Also, since this Rolling Loud was routed along my tour, I had my whole tour production set up for the festival, which was really cool.

Talk to us about your two new songs “Number 2” and “Never Last”. What were the inspirations for them and how do both songs differ from each other?

It’s a new sound in context to my sound & they are different in terms of topic matter, tempo, emotion, etc.

What’s next for Lil Tecca? Anything you can share exclusively with Galore readers? 

PLAN A the album coming this summer.


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