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  1. GCDS x VIP drop streetwear for dogs

    In fashion news, Streetwear for dogs is IN. Italian streetwear label GCDS has teamed up with V.I.P (Very Important Puppies) a pet-focused brand founded by sisters Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas, to release a streetwear-inflected collection for our four legged cuties. While keeping with core brand values, graphic apparel and accessories, the collection is tailored

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  2. alexina-graham-cover-galore

    Alexina Graham is Red Hot

    We finally got a redhead emoji in 2018. In 2019, we finally have a redhead Victoria’s Secret angel, and her name is Alexina Graham. But Alexina Graham is far from your average angel (although, to be fair, none of the VS angels are average). Not only is Alexina from the U.K., but she’s also 29

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  3. Roosmarijn de Kok Explains How To Cut Through The BS & Find a Wellness Routine That Works For You 

    Take a look at Roosmarijn de Kok’s Instagram, and you’ll immediately regret not sticking to your New Year’s Resolution. A quick browse through Roos’ feed provides a slideshow of wellness: Roos cooking with some herbs that she grew herself in her NYC apartment, Roos perched atop two weightlifting benches performing an intense booty workout, Roos

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