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  1. It’s a Good Day to Fight the System with Shungudzo

    Zimbabwean-American artist, activist and poet Shungudzo (Svikiro Records/ Young Forever/BMG) has released the official visualizer for her single “It’s a good day (to fight the system).” Directed and produced by G.Smith and Shungudzo, and edited by G.Smith, the new video shows the artist confidently walking the vibrant streets of LA while vintage shots of iconic

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  2. Maliibu Miitch is Not Your Quintessential Rapper

    Blasian Bronxnite, Maliibu Miitch is not your quintessential rapper. Her sound is a raw blend of, “No Plan B,” mixed with a plethora of crass unwavering relentless that one would expect from a person who raps rhymes for a living. She is society’s stereotype of a rapper on full blast. Tats. Loud. Vulgar. Unclothed. Filled

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