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  1. Fashion’s Secret Weapon: Meet Serial Entrepreneur and Savvy Branding Genius NJ Falk

    From fashion to female empowerment, mentorship to being a mogul, there truly isn’t anything that NJ Falk can’t do. The serial entrepreneur, known for her innovative marketing strategies, business savvy and ecommerce expertise, has pioneered the ways in which consumers engage with brands, from introduction to purchase.  NJ’s unique and unparalleled understanding of branding, luxury

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  2. 10 Q’s With Nicole Arbour

    Galore (G): Nicole Arbour…The world met you as a comedian and Youtuber, now you’re making noise in the music scene and crushing as an entrepreneur. What do you want to be known as?  Nicole Arbour (N): Nicole Arbour haha. I look up to the old school entertainers like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, even Gene Wilder.

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