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  1. Farina will freestyle her way into your playlist

    Meet Farina, our newest obsession. The freestyle raptress hails from Medellin, Colombia and has been dominating the rap game in her territory. As Rap and Reggaeton makes its way to the mainstream, women like Farina are making sure it’s just not just a boys’ club. We talked to the trap queen about her influences, what

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  2. CAZZU is Argentina’s “Niña Emo”

    Meet Cazzu, Argentina’s budding trap star. Cazzu is not your typical reggaeton singer, she’s here to disrupt the scene with her emo-punk aesthetic. we caught up with the artist on the rise about the new album Error93, what it’s like being a female rapper in Argentina, and what it was like getting to collab with

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  3. Alexa Demie is living her own Dolce Vita

    A picture of Alexa Demie could be easily mistaken for being a fond memory of an early 90s glamazon. The headstrong actress behind Maddy Perez on HBO’s Euphoria instantly captivated their vast young-skewing audience with her reminiscent style of the very fashionable 20th century. This became even more evident through her very vocal and growing

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  4. Jade Thirlwall’s Dream Dollhouse

    Jade Thirwall is here to slay!! One fourth of one of our favorite girl groups Little Mix. Jade is tackling body positivity and self love head on – in our Unapologetic issue. We caught up with Miss Jade while on tour for LM5, which has the girls pretty much on the road to December, so

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