1. Raisa Flowers and other young LGBTQ+ faces join ASOS and GLAAD in celebrating love, pride, and unity

    If ASOS didn’t already have everything you need for the Summer, they’ve really got your fix now. ASOS has partnered with nonprofit LGBTQ+ rights organization, GLAAD, to create a colorful capsule collection (how do you like a quadruple alliteration?) in honor of Pride Month. These pieces are everything you’ve been asking for and more. Colorful, yet

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  2. Which Summer haircut you should get based on where you live

    As Summer approaches, it’s important to consider things like your next vacation destination, your Summer workout routine (which, if you’re me, is a purely theoretical feat), and, of course, what kind of hair you’ll be rocking. Don’t ask me why (or do, because I’ll probably end up answering regardless), but with a change in weather

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