Tommi Aura has the AUDACITY, do you?

Meet Tommi Aura, a vibrant rising star who is taking the pop music world by storm. Their music is a unique blend of experimental pop, electronic, and dance elements accompanied by lyrics centered around themes of identity, self-expression, self-healing, and more. The androgynous artist has a long and illustrious career in modeling, having collaborated with big brands such as Haus Labs by Lady Gaga, Vogue Magazine, Elle Magazine, and Chanel, among many others.

When you listen to virtually anything they’ve put out, it becomes evident how much all the aesthetics surrounding the fashion world have informed the aesthetic output of Tommi Aura’s sound. They strive to provide an immersive and dynamic experience for listeners. Their recent debut EP “AUDACITY offers a captivating journey into the diverse yet deeply consonant genres that Tommi Aura so effortlessly plays with.

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Drawing inspiration from early 2000s pop icons like Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, and Mandy Moore, the EP shares Aura’s experiences of leaving a toxic relationship, finding the power of self-healing, and embracing a true, authentic self unburdened by social expectations and taboos. However, make no mistake, “AUDACITY” isn’t just a pastiche of nostalgic references; it takes the building blocks laid out by these influences and extrapolates well beyond the constraints of genres and labels into truly bold territory.

“AUDACITY” kicks off with its eponymous track, an intense production featuring a thumping jungle/D&B adjacent beat and a rich tapestry of electronic sounds and instrumentation that can only be described as luxurious hyperpop. Following this, we have the avant-garde anthem of gender nonconformity, “I’m Not A Boy”, which provides a bit of a breather from the previous track with its slightly slower and more introspective mood.

My personal favorite, the third track “Smile :)”, leans towards a more alt-rock sound with interesting guitar chords enveloping Aura’s angelic vocals. The song aptly earns its name, exuding a somewhat gloomy 90s ballad vibe. This is followed by the equally amazing “unlucky”, which -wouldn’t you know it- is my second favorite of the record. This track features a powerful reverberating horn/drone set to the beat, giving the song an imposing and almost sinister feel while elevating Aura’s delicate singing to truly epic proportions.

As a closing statement, “stfu!” proves to be as impactful as they come. The song initially opens with a very straightforward pop intro reminiscent of something out of Taylor Swift’s later albums, but soon shifts its tone to something between punk-infused runway music and a dystopian cyberpunk club banger, providing a truly unforgettable sendoff to what has been a very exciting and fresh EP.

“AUDACITY” is no doubt a bold and innovative debut EP, as each song offers a distinct and captivating sonic experience that, nonetheless, fully represents Aura on an individual basis, like facets of a well-cut gemstone. The record’s ability to seamlessly blend genres and push beyond conventional boundaries showcases Aura’s unique outlook and aesthetic sensibilities. Overall, “AUDACITY” presents itself as a fresh and exciting musical endeavor, offering something that feels like it can really stand out in the veritable ocean of pop and pop-adjacent releases we’ve seen as of late.



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