For those of you who dream of working in Hollywood, you need to familiarize yourself with Micaela Wittman. At only 24 years old, Micaela has worked on various projects from television, film to writing her own novel. Keep reading to learn about Micaela’s story and what you can expect from her in the future.  


You starred in the 2021 film “Clairevoyant” which was about a socialite who wants to overcome her life of luxury. Talk to us about your character Claire and your favorite moments from shooting this film.   

Claire was a fun character to play because I had to find ways to make people empathize with her even though she’s so crude. She’s such an antihero, so I was surprised to get messages and reviews from people saying they wanted to be friends with her. That made me feel like I did my job.  

I don’t think I’ll ever have another shooting experience like it in my life. It was pretty much like making a movie with your friends in high school. It was so low budget that the stakes were so low, we shot it over the course of 6 months mostly on the weekends. My fondest memories are just of driving around looking for locations to steal shots at while being fully in costume, with the camera in my lap. 

Towards the end of the hit MTV Series “Teen Wolf” you played the sister Tara Raeken whose character played a major role in her brothers’ development. Take us back to this time and talk about your time on the show.   

It was cool to work on such a big show because they had an entire studio just dedicated to Teen Wolf. Usually, you’re on a big lot where a bunch of different shows are shot. I spent so long in the makeup chair getting this massive prosthetic put on my chest from when my character got her heart ripped out. Spoiler alert, but anyone who hasn’t seen it by now probably won’t. When Cody (who played Theo) saw me he was freaked out because of how scary I looked.  

Last year you starred in the very well-received film “Remy & Arletta”, a coming-of-age film based on the book. How did you prepare for the role of Remy and what did this project teach you about your craft as an actress?   

Shooting was so chaotic that once it started, I wouldn’t have time to memorize scenes for the next day.  So, I read it from top to bottom like 10 times just a week before shooting and prayed for the best. I was also doing all the pre-production myself, so I hardly had time to work on the character. Luckily, I don’t believe in preparing how you’re gonna say the lines or anything like that, so I haven’t had to do a lot of prep work in the characters I’ve played so far. Acting is pretty simple if you let it be intuitive. Unless you’re doing an accent or need to physically train.  

What do you love most about working on indie films?   

You don’t have to compromise. On an indie you have limited resources, so you work with what you can, but I don’t know, that doesn’t feel like a creative compromise as much as it does a fun challenge. I don’t want to have to sacrifice my vision to ensure I have funding. Ideally, I’ll work on big projects with big budgets and also have full creative control.  

When you have time to yourself, where is your favorite place to travel?   

France. Even if that’s basic. The Bahamas is a close runner-up.  

If you could pick your dream project to work on, what would it look like? Cast, your character, genre, anything you can think of!   

Oooh, manifesting. There’s so many different answers to this question so I’ll just roll the dice on one. Comedy action, my character is in some kind of heist situation, it has Brad Pitt in it. Also, one thing I’ve noticed is that I gravitate towards characters that aren’t just a product of their circumstances but make strong choices and push the story ahead. Whether they’re protagonists or not. There will always be a trace of that in my role choices.  

How would you describe your style? Do you have a favorite fashion item in your closet, or do you tend to switch it up?   

I just want to fit in. Depending on what country I’m in, I’ll just wear the simplest version of what’s in style. I really don’t want to stick out on a daily basis. I’ll have interesting stuff in my closet, but I will hands down always grab a t-shirt and sneakers. It comes down to comfortability. And when I was a kid, I tried to wear weird cool stuff and got made fun of, so I think I’m still scared of overdressing. Events are different though. I learned that people are really open to you wearing interesting pieces at events.  I think they appreciate the effort and will be complimentary, so I’m trying to let myself off the leash a little bit there as I’ve been getting more encouragement.  

Do you have anything special planned for the rest of 2024 that you could share with Galore readers?   

I have some stuff in the works but can’t really share yet. 2024 is gonna be a really special year, stay tuned. 


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