Many of us know Cordell as being the son of rap legend Snoop Dogg, but he’s worked hard to become known as so much more than that. Creating his own legacy in business and real estate, Cordell has taken his platform to a new level by giving back to minority creatives, learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry and now he’s ready to launch his own gaming platform. If you want to know what Cordell has been up to lately keep reading to get a Galore exclusive!  


Being the son of one of the most iconic rappers of all time had to be a balance between super lit yet difficult. Talk to us about your upbringing and some of your favorite memories from your childhood.   

Well, we really grew up with like 20 people living with us in the house then another 20 always coming over. I was really raised by a village, and it was dope to come up like that. I really didn’t know who my dad was for a while. It wasn’t Hollywood at all. We always had to share and give to the rest of our family. This always made me want to put family first.  

Growing up, I would always hear about my mom’s father being a millionaire who drove Rolls Royce’s. He owned multiple businesses including an ice cream brand. My father’s grandfather was a real estate mogul who owned lots of acres. I didn’t hear about the rap side until I was older.  

What age were you when you realized who your dad was?  

Probably in the 7th or 8th grade. Like really know was 13 because I went to one of his shows and everyone was coming up to him crying during the meet and greets and I thought, wow that’s crazy, you really mean something to people. My family never talked about all the movies he was in, records he was breaking, it was normal. I was into nature, vibing with my family.  

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You’ve been a part of the fashion world working with brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Joyrich. Talk about your interest in fashion and if you see yourself working with any brands in the future.   

Growing up I watched people like Rick James, James Brown & Prince who were so fly to me. They had their hair looking fly, outfits were color coordinated, I wanted to be like them. I got inspired by that. I look at the fashion world is like having superheroes. I got introduced into the fashion world by just being out in LA networking.  

Karrueche’s agent sat me down and introduced me to modeling. But I wanted to be more than that. I wanted to collaborate with the designers and learn more of the business side of things. So when I started working with Tommy Hilfiger, I presented it as a business collaboration, not just modeling for them. Yeah, I can model but utilize me to my fullest capacity. This led me to more and more opportunities. I walked in his show in Milan before COVID happened as well as other projects. He’s a really good friend to me to this day. I’m not done with modeling. I’ve done things here and there, but I don’t think that’s going to leave a lasting impact, and that’s what I’m focused on. Ownership, something I can be remembered for and inspire other young people.  

People who don’t know me always ask, “Are you a rapper, athlete, etc.”, it’s never are you a business owner? So, I want to be a positive representation to those who look like me but want to be known for something other than stereotypical careers. I’m not knocking anyone who does that for a living, but I want to be known as a boss like my grandfather was.  

How would you describe your personal style?   

I’m not going to lie to you Taylor, I shop at Ross, TJ Maxx, places like that. I don’t have nothing to prove. I’ll wear designer here and there but I’m working with these retailers, and I understand the everyday person isn’t shopping at the big designer spots. 9/10 if it’s not for a big event you might even catch me at Walmart. I have kids and a family to provide for so I would just rather buy some land with that money.

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You recently went to The Bahamas to distribute scholarships through the Champ Medici Arts Fund. Tell us about how this opportunity came about and how you gained an interest in it.   

This is very exciting to me. Making a name for myself in this space is very important. Creating a fund where we fund local artists from local underserved communities that look like me. The Bahamas was the perfect place for this. Chicago as well. We have a recipient doing well from winning our scholarship.   

You and your dad are launching a new platform called “Death Row Games”, which focuses on giving minority creators and artists a platform to develop and publish for Fortnite. Talk to us about this new extension of Death Row Records and what we can expect from it.   

It’s a gaming publishing company, Tee Grizzley was one of the first people I called to work with us on this and now we have something great coming out this summer. He wasn’t into Fortnite at first but with their new creator fund I was able to convince him to give it a try. We are keeping everything in house right now and doing all the creative aspects and working with family and friends.  

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What have you learned about entrepreneurship working with your father?   

I’ve learned how to not be anyone’s puppet and to make money from being myself. Having ownership, integrity, not being money driven and focusing on building relationships and treating people right, which is how I was raised.  

We have an ice cream brand called Dr. Bombay that is in 70% of grocery stores in America that my dad and I started during the pandemic. With ice cream being something that my grandfather did and something my dad and I would go do together, I said why not make an ice cream brand.  

It has cool flavors, it’s not just a regular ice cream brand. From orange cream to Tropical Sherbert, we have over 10 flavors that we got to be creative with,  

You’ve spoken about wanting to become a real estate mogul one day. Have you started building your portfolio yet? What type of properties would you like to invest in?   

Right now, I have two properties under my belt. A 100-acre property out in Georgia as well as a 1.3-acre beachfront property in the Bahamas. I’m a project manager for a 4-acre resort and recording studio in Bora Bora that we plan on opening in early 2027.  

It’s beautiful being able to buy raw land and being a canvas for developers to bring their visions to life. I like land, animals, nature, fishing on my ranch in Georgia, just having a balance in my life and not getting caught up in the wrong things.  

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If you could purchase your dream property, what would it be?  

I just looked into purchasing a winery out in San Diego, California. I want to provide Gen-Z with a destination to vacation where it’s a members only vibe. A resort where you can relax and unwind where people who look like us are having a great time like they are over in the Hamptons.  

Not only do you balance the life of a multifaceted entrepreneur you’re also a husband and father to 3 beautiful children. Talk to us about what you’ve learned over the years about fatherhood and what you love most about it.   

My grandmother always told me I need to lead with love, so I’m learning how to do that. So not always being so masculine, or tuff on your people. I’m doing that with my daughters, and I see our relationship growing so beautifully.  

We have a new business venture called “Daddy’s Li’l Girlz” with their mother. It’s a clothing & lifestyle brand that’s fun. We’re bringing in the ice cream brand, working with the Olympics in Paris, other designers and making it a family business.  

My children are the next generation of our family and it’s time for the women in our family to be the face of things. I have 3 daughters with my wife so I’m excited to see what they bloom into.  

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What is your favorite place to vacation?   

Bora Bora & the Bahamas. I like the people, the real estate, it’s really a vibe.  

When you’re not working, what are some things you do for fun?   

Taking the kids to the park, going on a little date, me and my daughters do so many fun things together.  

For myself, I’m at the gym for a few hours, which helps clear my mind.  

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What are your favorite things to do in LA?   

I love LA but I’m loving San Diego right now. I’m going to the zoo, chilling at our house out there and relaxing, BBQing and playing cards with the family, just doing stuff with the kids.  

What’s next for Cordell Broadus?

Buying more land, the launch of our new business “Daddy’s Li’l Girlz” and much more.

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