Nora En Pure’s Killer Guide To South Africa

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Nora En Pure (alter ego of Daniela Niederer) is on fire these days.

The South-African born DJ/producer has been busy tearing up the festival circuit from California to Canada and beyond with her eclectic blend of indie electronic & deep house music.

Her fans are drawn to the unique worldly sound which she infuses with her intense passion for traveling, and the experiences she’s had exploring countries around the globe. From her birthplace in Africa, to her current home-base in Switzerland, and everywhere in between. Nora’s life is #goal, especially for any girl with a serious case of wanderlust.

We caught up with Nora deep in the breathtakingly beautiful valleys of British Columbia, at Shambhala Music Festival, after she delivered a vibrant and energetic DJ set to an enthusiastic crowd. She talked to us about her music, her travels, and her home country of South Africa.

You’ve said that your music is inspired by travel and countries you’ve visited, what’s the number one place that you think everyone should visit?

That will always be South Africa for me. Apart from it being my home, this country is so versatile, there is something for everyone. If I lived there I think I’d never travel any further than the surrounding countries. It’s full of genuine raw nature. It’s a special feeling that Africa gives me.

Have you ever had the chance to go on a camping trip that wasn’t affiliated with a music festival?

Constantly. I grew up this way. All our holidays we used to camp. I loved that and I’d still go camping now any time.

Where did you go or where would you go, given the opportunity?

Same answer, camping in the wilderness is one of my favorite things still today. Falling asleep surrounded by the noises of wild animals is a magnificent feeling.

Is there a place on your bucket list that you still haven’t visited?

I’d like to go to Hawaii sometime soon or to the Bora Bora islands. I have only heard great things about those places.

What are the perks of getting to travel for your job? What are the downsides?

Well no day is like the other! You are never counting the hours like in a normal office job… except maybe during the flights. But in general it keeps your mind very, very open. You see, hear, learn different things the whole time that let you think and challenge you in a different way. It is exciting and makes you somehow a little immune against little problems that used to work you up before. The downside for me is definitely being alone often and missing sometimes important get-togethers of friends and family. Also the lifestyle is definitely not the healthiest.

If you could only pack 5 products with you on your next adventure, what would you bring?

Hm regardless what “product” exactly means, I’d take some member of my close family, my dog, music, my camera, and a chef.

You’ve mentioned your love for the Cape Town beaches, and given that you’re a South African native, what’s a must-see, non-super touristy place that our readers should visit in Africa?

In Cape Town I love most the Devil’s Peak drive, it is well known, but there are usually no big crowds. I drive and stop along the way. Usually I’d recommend to always go a little further than what travel guides recommend you. Otherwise any wildlife parks are amazing. The less touristic or more wild ones are in the neighboring countries. But if you go for the first time I’d still go to the Kruger Park. In high season it can get annoyingly crowded, but otherwise it’s still a magical place. I have amazing memories there and the wildlife is still breathtaking.

Do you think that your music inspires wanderlust?

I hope so and I actually got that feedback many times.

Do you think it’s better to travel till you’re broke in your 20s, or save up and travel when you’re older?

From 18 on I traveled constantly until I was super broke, had to return home and work out my debts lol. It was a miserable feeling as I often didn’t have a job right away after returning. But I think it was so worth it. Somehow I have the feeling I wont ever have as much time again as I had when I was a student.

Can you give us one of your travel hacks?

For flights, take good & comfortable headphones & earplugs, a hoodie and a scarf that you can use as blanket when needed and of course a portable phone charger. I don’t travel anymore without all of these things.

Who’s the best travel companion?

I used to travel constantly with one of my best friends. I think it’s very important that you have similar interests, a similar daily routine like when to get out of bed, when to explore when to chill. Also we never planned much – so we had to come up with emergency plans spontaneously. If you travel like that, it definitely helps to have someone who is sharp and focused.

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