Hawaiian Model Mahina Knows How To Make Your Skin Glow

Hawaiian model Mahina Alexander is a beach babe to watch. It seems she’s living the perfect, healthy and tan island life, so we had to check in with the stunner to get some of her natural beauty tips. From makeup, to long lashes, and even ways to get glowing skin, Mahina shares it all! Check it out, below!
Galore Mag Mahina
How do you achieve such a natural makeup look?
When I wear makeup, I stick to neutral tones. All I use is Clarins foundation, brown/gold eye shadow and mascara.
What’s the secret to long lashes?
My secret to long eye lashes is Younique Mascara! It’s super rad! They send you two tubes; one filled with regular gloss black mascara and another filled with little black fibers. First you put on the regular gloss black mascara and then a layer of fiber and then another layer of gloss to keep it coated. It works best if you do one eye at a time so that the gloss doesn’t dry before you add the fiber. It extends your eyelashes like crazy! I’m obsessed and I’ll never use anything else again!
Do you have a favorite lip treatment you use?
I don’t really have a lip treatment, but I will say that I always have at least 10 Chapsticks! I also make sure to drink a lot of water so that my skin is always hydrated!
Any tropical lotions/scents you love?
Alba Cocoa Butter Body Lotion is insanely good! They have many different scents that are equally amazing. My Sunday Secret makes an amazing “babe silk body oil plumeria skin therapy” that is the bestttt thing ever. It hydrates and restores your skin for weeks after using it and it smells like heaven.
How does a Galore Girl get beach hair away from the beach?!
For beach hair away from the beach I would have to recommend My Sunday Secret. My friend Ohia makes all her products herself and has helped me achieve longer thicker shinier hair than I have had in a while! Every night after I shower I spray her “mermaid hair rinse Rosemary hair tonic” all over my hair and it helps it grow longer and thicker. I also massage the Rosemary weekly treatment into my scalp 2 times a week to quench my hairs thirst! Being in the salt so much really dries it out and this stuff has seriously helped so much. My hair use to be a lot thinner before it.
Do you do anything to your gorgeous brows?
I never pluck my brows. my mom tells me I shouldn’t so I don’t. Sometimes I’ll let makeup artists trim them or something when we’re shooting but I don’t own tweezers haha.
Any skincare secrets that only you know? 
I am a big fan of sugar and dairy so when I get really bad painful zits, I put toothpaste on them for 10-15 mins everyday so they dry out. Also, 2 or 3 times a week with exfoliating gloves and Clarins Face Wash I make sure to really scrub my face and deep clean my pores (if you have sensitive skin I recommend doing it maybe once a week or whenever you feel like you need it, but be gentle so that you don’t irritate your skin). Afterwords I use Clarins or Alba face lotion.
By using some of these tips I’m sure you’ll notice a huge difference in your body’s healthy glow 🙂
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