Bbyafricka is one of the hottest acts from the California music scene with hits such as “Hurry up” and “Better with me”. She’s just released her latest single “All inside”, pt. 2 (feat. Dualite) and is ready to take over Summer with new music, live shows and more. Read our exclusive interview below.


Tell us about your new project, The Rapture, and how you got that name. 

The rapture, a personal favorite I came up with that name after taking some shrooms to brainstorm about how the tape makes you feel. Came up with the rapture it just hit me

Do you have a current favorite song from that project and why? 

My favorite song from the project is the last one (always on go)

How did you get your name, Bbyafricka, and the spelling? 

My very first face tattoo was a small African outline under my right eye, I chose the ck in africka honestly cause I changed my name on ig one time and somebody took it when it was just bbyafrica so I said might as well.

After having that near-death medical experience in 2022, how have your thoughts on life changed? 

Mmmm I was strong in there I’ve always been strong so I kinda kept that mindset coming out too gotta know ur stronger than anything sent to harm you The Biggest thing I learned is….it’s not always something wrong with us.

You didn’t miss a beat since coming out of the hospital and have been feeding your fans with consistent music and videos, what’s the main drive behind your work ethic? 

 Honestly the drive behind my work ethic is just the love of creating and surprising myself seeing myself take it up a notch and learning in the process.

What’s your thought process when you’re putting an outfit together? 

Is it cold? That be my main focus cause let’s start there I really just try to be warm, but right now I’m into boots and trench coats – they eat dressy or baggy and the old men be loving the trench to

You always have crazy lyricism; what influences in life do you like to pull from when writing?

Influences I pull from w my lyricism is Rio for one bc he make saying the most insane shit sound not that bad but also make the room double back like huh?
Ummm young thug w playful tones 
And rly just me because I always got sum to say

We loved the Topicals campaign with Rico Nasty, does acting and modeling come natural to you?

Acting and modeling does come natural 
I just kinda know when to turn it on and off and I’ve practiced a lot in the mirror know my good side know what will look good so makes modeling easier for sure 

If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

 I would collaborate with System of a Down 
Young thug 
The dream
Idk it just makes sense to me 

LA births some greats; who are some of your favorite West Coast rappers? 

Favorite west coast rapper hmmm
Kendrick Lamar
Tyler the creator 
Cypress hill 
Nate dog 

What’s your favorite beauty product /brand?

My favorite beauty product prob lip gloss or lip mask and liner 

Can you share with your fans what you have coming up next? 

More music on the way, way crazy and different vibes for bbyafricka 

Lastly, 2024 is the year of….

2024 is the year of yall gon know me frfr


Producer: Milana Quiroz @milana.lamala
Creative director: Chaise Enrique @therealchaiseway
Photographer: bishop elegino  @bish.op
Key Hair: Chaise Enrique @therealchaiseway
Hairstylist: Rakeerah Griffin @doll.religion
Mua: Aime Ramirez @aime_mua
Stylist: Jahzeel Delgado @finessawilliamz
Layla Harte @laylahartew
Nails: Holliwood @Biggg_holli 

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