Latin Music Issue: Cuco on the rise!

California native, Cuco, is on top and shows no signs of slowing down. Cuco’s just released a brand new single titled “Closer” alongside Valentino Khan – Cuco’s music has been described as indie-pop meets hip-hop with blends of bossa nova. We caught up with Cuco and dished on all things music, culture and what’s next for the rising star.

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Featured Interview:

First question is, tell us about the concept behind the new EP.

The concept behind the new EP, Hitchhiker, is essentially like a concept between birth until you die and just experiencing, whether it’s love or just, I don’t know, growing just in your own reality and how you become friends with people along the way throughout your whole life and whether you hitchhike or people hitchhiking your life.

Who is your biggest influence in your music?

My biggest influence in music. I think I just thought about this one, actually, recently. I always like listening to Pink Floyd, System of a Down, Tame Impala. But also Louie Armstrong, actually a big Louis fan. I had totally forgotten about listening to his music.

How do you feel your creativity is disrupting the Latinx music genre, bro?

I don’t know what disruptive means in that term. I think basically there it means how is your music changing from what that music scene has normally been, or how are you kind of pivoting it a little bit and making it your own?

I think the way I’m disrupting the music scene is, I guess, just being in my own lane when it comes to how I make music and how I produce it, because I feel like I don’t make latin music, or I don’t make pop music, or I don’t make one kind of specific genre. I kind of do a lot of different weird stuff. I’m influenced by a lot of weird music. So sometimes I’ll go and make, like, a weird psych track. Maybe I’ll go make like a old soul sounding record. Maybe I’ll just drop a track where I’m like kind of going more for a pop thing and just doing a huge verse and something catchy. I think it’s just pretty genreless.

I think everybody in the whole latin scene, I feel like the whole scene of this alternative wave of artists that have been coming up with me have all kind of done that in their own way, and it’s been pretty cool.

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Who are your heroes?

I think Tyler, the Creator, because I’m from the same city doing shit, he did to create a whole wave of influence with not just music, but obviously with fashion and also visuals when it comes to the stuff he drops, I really admire also low key, like, $uicideboy$, too. I remember listening to them back in the day and kind of just seeing how they went through a bunch of different struggles and stuff like that and seeing them now doing the shit they do and how to influence people to kind of follow a better path. And it’s always fucking sick to see that. I think Louis Armstrong, too, actually, I would always say his story was crazy because he was really never supposed to make it. Everything was kind of, like, set up to be against him when he was growing up, and he became one of the greats.

What did you learn in 2023 that you are putting into 2024 music and sound?

I think one thing I learned in 2023 that I’m gonna apply to my sound in 2024 is, I think to not just stick to, like, a formula, because I think I have a formula that works when it comes to, like, recording a record. But also, I think it’d be good to have different ways of recording for different styles of music. So that way I can kind of have an even bigger village of people that I can kind of go to when it comes to recording different types of stuff. To see how that works.

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Do you have a Dream collaboration?

This fucking question, bro. Yeah. Louis Armstrong. Bring him back from the dead. My dream collaboration.

Yeah. I mean, I feel like this can be somebody that’s living or passed away. It’s a dream collaboration. Hmm. Oh, easy, bro. Young Thug.

What is your go to fragrance for a date night? You don’t have to give up your number one. You can give them, like, a number two or number three if you don’t want to give up the sauce.

I’m just trying to find one that I really like. Let me just find the right one. It’s a Gris Charnel one that I like.

What do you love most about your Mexican heritage?

Everything. I love everything about being Mexican. I think it’s sick that there’s every type of different types of subcultures within the culture. So it’s always cool to learn about different people, how they celebrate, music, food, etc.

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What is your favorite track on the Hitchhiker EP?

Right now. I think. “Messenger.”

What lyric from any of your songs hit home the hardest?

I remember I said, – “never close to being comfortable and lost heart.”

What is your skincare routine? When on the road. When can we expect to see you on tour again? 

I’ll be splashing water on my face. 

But yea I’ll be on tour later in the year 

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What is your favorite dish that your abuela makes?

I love when my grandma makes mole. Smacks.

What is one thing your fans would be surprised to know?

I’ll be collecting model airplanes. Like 1400 scales of those commercial airliners.

Yeah. That’s a good one. What are your thoughts on love?

I think it’s great. I think it’s great when it’s very healthy. Everybody has a different way of expressing and receiving.

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Okay, since we’re on the topic, a couple of questions down from this is, what does love mean to you?

Think it means finding, like, a harmony with a person who’s their own person and you being your own person, kind of being able to live separate lives together.

Cool. Next question is, what is your Zodiac sign, and do you feel you possess all those qualities?

I’m a cancer, and I have no idea. I don’t really look into that stuff.

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That’s fine. Next question. And last question is, what is next for you on this journey?

Just keep making more music, keep hustling, keep it pushing, keep figuring out new sounds, and keep growing. Keep trying to inspire people. And keep staying sober.

And keep drinking water.


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