Stories by Molly Mulshine

  1. A Top Dermatologist Revealed the Treatments NYC Models Get

    When you’re a kid, you look at models in magazines and think, sigh, they’re so perfect. Then you grow up a little and realize it’s mostly Photoshop. And then you grow up a little more and realize it’s not even that simple — it’s actually a combination of Photoshop, great genes, and an ever-broadening variety of peels, lasers,

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  2. The 15 Hottest Irish Guys Right Now

    Irish guys are hot, there’s no doubt about it. There’s something about their gingery scruff and lack of emotion that just drives us nuts. Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we propose a toast to these 15 Irish hotties. Sláinte! 1. Conor McGregor He may be kind of a dick, but his ginger faux hawk has won our hearts. 2. Devon

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  3. Thank F*ck: Tyra Banks Is Coming Back to ANTM!

    This is not a drill: the reality competition gods have spoken and Tyra Banks is coming back to her rightful place as host of the serial docudrama “America’s Next Top Model.” This past season marked a comeback for the show after a few years off. Rita Ora replaced Tyra Banks, who was still an executive

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