Stories by Molly Mulshine

  1. For a Natural Fake Tan, It’s All About the Penetration

    When you think about sunless tanner, your head might fill with memories of brown streaks on orange ankles, not to mention the maple-syrup-like fumes. The 2000s were a rough time for faux tanners, let’s put it that way. If you were a teen whose frontal lobe hadn’t fully developed, you were either giving yourself melanoma in

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  2. A Bunch of Germans Laughed in Ivanka Trump’s Face

    Poor Ivanka Trump! All she wants to do is low-key attain global domination and look fresh and aspirational while doing so. But in Germany today, she basically got laughed out of an international summit on women’s entrepreneurship. First, she was asked about her father’s policies re: women and families. It didn’t take time for the boos

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  3. Sephora’s Giving Out Free Gucci Right Now

    I have some news that’ll make you wanna lay down on the ground and lift your sparkly leg up in a solemn tribute to retail, just like my Gucci girl in the pic above: Sephora is currently giving out a free Gucci pouch with fragrance purchase. It’s insane, I know, but it’s true! The pouch in question

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