Stories by Molly Mulshine

  1. You can now comment with gifs on Facebook

    Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: you can comment with gifs on Facebook! And now, we’re not just talking about those weirdly amazing dog-in-love and Pusheen animations that have been available for a hot minute now. We’re talking the entire Giphy library. In honor of the 30th birthday of the gif itself, Facebook

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  2. What it’s like to play a white supremacist on TV post-Trump

    When “Orange Is the New Black” first introduced its skinhead characters in 2015, the fictional white supremacists seemed like buffoons, despite being evilly racist. They also seemed like fringe psychos who most people wouldn’t encounter in real life. People who openly and proudly call themselves white supremacists — instead of hiding their racism or not

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