Stories by Molly Mulshine

  1. Galore is hiring spring 2018 interns in NYC and LA

    College students, it’s your lucky day: Galore is looking for interns in New York City and LA for the spring 2018 semester. Here are the general requirements: you must be available at least two days a week for the spring 2018 semester. And you must be able to get college credit for your internship. Here’s

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  2. karen_birth_control_roll_eyes_galore

    BREAKING: Male comics care about rape jokes now

    The first time I ever tried stand-up comedy was five years ago at a comedy club in New Jersey. After my set was done, I was immediately hooked. I felt the way most girls describe feeling after their boyfriends have proposed. I was so happy, I pretty much blacked out. The minutes after my first

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