6 Tips For Making Sure Your First Vacation With Bae Doesn’t Suck

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Taking your first vacay with bae is a big milestone. Sure, you may already spend tons of time together, but committing to a vacation is serious. Plus, planning a trip ahead of time makes you realize that your relationship is legit and hopefully won’t be over within the next week. Yay commitment!

The thing is, taking a vacation with bae is a new experience for both of you, and although we’re sure everything will be fine, there’s no harm in keeping these tips in mind while you attempt to fit all your cutest outfits in one suitcase.

1. Lower Your Expectations

Unless you’re dating a sugar daddy, your 20-something boo is probs not taking you on a five-star luxury getaway to St. Barth’s. Life is hard and unfortunately the people with cute faces and six-packs aren’t always the ones rolling in that cash money. But that’s okay, because all you care about is being in a new place with your boo, right? LOL yeah right, but still. If you’re used to fancy-shmancy cruises or all-inclusive Euro-trips, you might want to tone it down and remember that your bae is probs not making that much, and if you want luxury you can feel free to contribute more dollas.

2. It’s Okay To Have Alone Time

A weekend trip might call for you and bae to be attached at the hip at all times, but if you’re going for a full seven days, don’t be afraid to ask for some alone time. Seriously, no matter how much you love your boo thang, alone time is crucial for sanity sometimes. You don’t have to be all weird about it and ask them to leave the hotel room so you can chill solo, but tell your bae that you want to go on a run or check out some shop real quick and relish in the alone time until you’re ready. They’ll probs want some alone time too, so you’re doing both of you a favor.

3. Compromise

Not everyone’s idea of a vacation is the same. Your boo might be down for relaxing at the pool all day whereas you are the type to want to explore and be active. Like everything in your relationship, the key is compromising and communicating. Don’t agree to sit around at the pool all week and then break down on the last day because you are bored af and upset you didn’t get to see more landmarks. Your boo will probs be happy to do whatever you want, but they’re not going to be able to read your mind if you don’t say shit.

4. Bring Lingerie

There’s a reason why people love to fuck in hotels even if they’re not cheating. People need “spice” in their sex lives and sometimes that comes in the form of a new scenario. Sure, it might still be a bed or a shower or whatevs. But it’s not the same old bed you’re always banging in, so there’s progress. Maybe tell your babe to go get ice down the hall and surprise them when they get back by laying on the bed in lingerie? And always take advantage of a balcony if you have one 😉

5. Talk Budget Ahead of Time

The reason all-inclusive resorts are so popular is because nobody wants to talk money on vacation. Like seriously, that kills the whole vibe. You probs will have to pull out your wallet on vacay, but make it less painful by talking budget ahead of time with your boo. If you’re trying to save money or are a broke bitch, this will help you stay within your means and let you boo realize that you’re not trying to spend $50 a day on margaritas.

6. Don’t Go Camping

Sorry to all you passionate campers out there, but camping is fucking stupid. I work so I can pay rent, if I wanted to sleep in a tent outside I would just quit my job. Unless you and your bae are for some reason really into camping, pass on that shit. Sleeping on the ground, eating hot dogs, and shitting in the grass is not romantic by any stretch of the imagination.

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