Why Sex In a Pool or Shower Actually Makes You Less Wet

Shower sex, pool sex, and hot tub sex seemed a lot cooler when you were 18.

First off, because you had to get creative with the places where you and your possibly-pre-pubescent boyfriend were getting freaky, but also because you were young and naïve and didn’t yet realize how truly horrible shower sex can really be.

What’s so bad about shower sex? It’s not that soaping up your partner with your boobs isn’t fun, it’s the fact that having sex when you’re not wet can be painful. And contrary to what you’d assume, having sex in the water actually makes your lady parts less lubricated because the water washes your natural lubrication away.

“Sex underwater sounds wet and wild, but the water pressure in a shower, lake, or ocean can wash away your natural lubrication,” Dr. Jess O’Reilly tells Galore. “This explains why some people find penetration difficult or uncomfortable underwater.”

If you’ve had awkward shower sex before, now you know why. If you haven’t had the “pleasure” of getting it on underwater before, believe me, you’re not missing out. If you really think having sex on the beach is the most romantic thing ever, be my guest, but at least be prepared.

Dr. Jess suggests using lube in the water to replace your natural wetness that will be washed away. Astroglide’s Diamond Silicone Gel is her favorite because it’s waterproof and longer lasting.

Another option is to have foreplay in the shower, but to head out to the bedroom once you’re ready for the main event. Kissing and caressing in the shower can certainly be fun, but getting on your knees on a hard shower floor isn’t, not to mention that there’s essentially only one position you can do in the shower unless you have an extremely sturdy shower bench.

For hot tub and pool sex, you can take the same measure of having foreplay in the water and getting to the good stuff once you’ve dried off a bit. As for beach sex, your reasons for wanting to roll around in the sand with a dick inside of you is beyond me, so you’re on your own for that one.

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