Stories by Ashley Uzer

  1. Kablito Is Dancing (& Journaling) Her Broken Heart Away

    Getting your heart broken doesn’t mean that you can’t dance, and if anyone knows that, it’s Kablito. The contemporary LatinX artist and model released her latest track, “Corazon Partido” (“Broken Heart” in English) on Valentine’s Day because V-Day isn’t exactly her favorite holiday—especially not this year. After a recent breakup with an ex of four

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  2. Go Love Yourself: A Princess Dress, Chocolate Body Paint, & 4 More Things I’m Obsessing Over This Month

    Whether you love it or you hate it—Valentine’s Day is happening. I’ve honestly always loved Valentine’s Day, regardless of if I’ve been single or in a relationship. This is partially probably because I love the color red, heart motifs, and cute girly/fluffy things—but also, who doesn’t want an excuse to eat a bunch of fancy

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