Stories by Ashley Uzer

  1. trump_fashion_cover_galore

    What To Wear If You Want to Fit in With Trump’s America

    There are lots of stereotypes associated with Trump voters. Some people claim they’re all uneducated, some people assume they all sleep with guns under their pillows, but one thing’s for sure: they have their own distinct fashion sense. READ ALSO: Ivanka Trump Basically Wore a Formal Skort to the Inauguration Galore TV’s Victoria Brandt was on

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  2. drunk_history_inauguration_galore

    Inaugurations From History That Were Way More Lit Than Trump’s

    If you’ve been on social media since last night, you’ve probably seen that Donald Trump’s turn-out for the inaugural concert was… interesting. LOL #Obama‘s inaugural concert in 2009 (first two photos) vs. #Trump‘s #InauguralConcert today. TRAGIC. — Mark Sundstrom (@106th) January 19, 2017 Granted, the most well-known performers were Toby Keith and 3 Doors

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