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  1. katie_holmes_mad_money_galore

    10 Careers That Pay Women More Than Men

    Take a gander at any salary-based data, and you’ll likely walk away depressed that men make so much more money than women. In fact, Glassdoor recently found that nine out of the 10 highest paying careers are male-dominated, while six out of the 10 lowest-paying careers are female dominated. Womp-womp. READ ALSO: 10 Things Guys Will Never Tell Their

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  2. margot_robbie_9_20_galore_mag

    Savage Margot Robbie Slapped Leonardo DiCaprio During an Audition

    Margot Robbie is a certified savage. She’s ridiculously hot, she drinks a shower beer every day, and she had the most low-key, chill wedding ever. Oh, and she also slapped Leonardo DiCaprio in the face, as I’m sure many other bodacious blondes, specifically Victoria’s Secret models, have wanted to do at some point. READ ALSO: 10

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  3. Think Twice Before Ordering Beauty Products on Amazon

    I’m an Amazon junkie. Ever since I realized I could use my little sister’s college Prime account, I’ve been ordering all my basics from there, especially since the majority of drugstore-type products are cheaper on Amazon than they are in the CVS on my block. But occasionally when I’m browsing the reviews for a new product

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