Stories by Ashley Uzer

  1. Missguided’s Prom Kween Line Is For Baddies Of All Ages

    If you’ve ever worn your prom dress again, you’re in the minority. Sure, some girls buy ridiculous blingy pageant-style dresses that they’re obviously never going to wear again, but even those of us who buy more subdued and classic dresses probably have left that shit hanging in our closets since our high school dance. But

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  2. Just In Case You Forgot: Butt Stuff And HIV Are BFFs

    In the plot twist of the century, Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop casually published a guide to butt sex. In it, they drop a forgotten fact about butt stuff: that it majorly increases someone’s chances of getting HIV/Aids. READ ALSO: Guys Admit ‘Losing Respect’ For Girls After Sex Is a BS Excuse  In fact, women are 17x

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  3. Obamacare Is Officially Safe For Now

    In case you missed it, the House Republicans decided to not repeal The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare) after all. Instead of even allowing congress to vote on it, the House Republican leaders pulled the legislation to repeal the ACA completely because they knew that everyone would shart on them for it, especially when they

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