6 Tips To Using Lube The Right Way

Some people prefer lube, some need it, but whatever the story is, a lot of us don’t know as much as we should about it. Let’s demystify a few myths, add some tips, and get you on your way to hot, sweaty, well-lubricated sex. Do some of this right and who knows? Maybe you can leave the bottle at home next time.


Don’t Make It Awkward: Just open up with the fact that you’re going to use it if you need it. Be real, if he can’t do the work to get you wet, he’d better not be offended when you decide to take matters into your own hands.


Water Based Lube And Silicone Based Lube Are Different: Water-based washes off easily and doesn’t stain. Silicone-based is constantly slippery and requires scrubbing to get off. Silicone is definitely a good option for anal and water-based works for every day penetration.


Lubes From Sex Shops = Better Than The Ones From CVS: There is a difference between slippery and goopy. Goopy = nahh. Definitely worth the few extra dollars at the place with the leather-faced mannequin.


It’s Pretty Much An Absolute For Anal: Since your butt doesn’t have natural lubrication (or it definitely shouldn’t….) you need to use lube when you’re doing anal to keep it from tearing. Start simple with a dime or quarter sized amount and then use more or less depending on how you and your partner are feeling.


Some Natural Lubes Can Make Condoms Less Effective: Oils and butters like shea and coconut aren’t really meant for use with condoms and can wear down the latex. I’m sure you’re not interested in any slipups….right?


Start Simple Then Move On To Warming And Tingling Options: master the basics before you start adding extra elements to the party. You’ll be ready for your own artsy porn film in no time…no rush.

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