Stories by Shirley Reynozo

  1. Ru by Rupal: Elegance Redefined at NYFW Fall/Winter ’24

    Photographer:Down To Be Artsy @dtba_ In the bustling rhythm of New York Fashion Week, Rupal emerged as a beacon of sophisticated grace, captivating the audience with a Fall/Winter ’24 collection that redefined modern elegance. The designer, Rupal Patel, orchestrated a symphony of timeless silhouettes and contemporary details, creating a runway experience that resonated with a harmonious

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  2. Dauphinette: A Visionary Tale Unveiled at NYFW Fall/Winter ’24

    Photographer: Down To Be Artsy @dtba_ In the pulsating heart of New York Fashion Week, Dauphinette emerged as a celestial force, painting the runway with strokes of whimsy and sustainable opulence. The Fall/Winter ’24 collection transported attendees into an ethereal dreamscape, where the lines between fashion and art blurred seamlessly. Designer Olivia Cheng, the visionary behind

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  3. L’AGENCE unveiled its Fall 2024 Collection titled, “Into the Woods” at Gotham Hall during NYFW F/W 24

    Founded in 2008 by Jeff Rudes, Margaret Maldonado and Ron Herman, L’AGENCE began with early roots in Hollywood and a devout following of high-profile celebrities and their stylists. Informed by the easy chic feel of Southern California with a Parisian sensibility, the collections evoke a spirit of sultry glamour through vibrant colors, bold prints, and timeless silhouettes

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  4. BoohooMAN: Redefining Men’s Fashion with Swagger and Style (NYFW F/W 24 Photo Diary)

    Hello Galore Fashion enthusiasts! Join us this season for NYFW F/W 24 recaps! My colleagues and I are thrilled to highlight some of our favorite events, moments and fashion finds. In the realm of contemporary men’s fashion, one brand stands out as a trendsetting force that effortlessly blends street-smart swagger with on-point style—BoohooMAN. From urban-inspired

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