Stories by Shirley Reynozo

  1. 🌟 Get Coachella-Ready with Me: Insider Tips and Must-Have Products! 🌈

    Follow me on Instagram | TikTok | YouTube Coachella season is here, and it’s time to slay all day, every day! But with so much going on, from pre-festival events to after-parties, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why I’ve got you covered with my ultimate Coachella glam guide, featuring long-lasting looks from some of

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  2. A Year of New Music and Impact With Cleotrapa

    “Female empowerment looks like putting the next girl on. A lot of people try to make it seem like if you putting someone on, it’s taking away from you, but I feel as though if you really a girl’s girl, you don’t have no problem putting the next girl on. For me, any female I see with a small following but is so talented, that bothers me. I’m the first person to follow you girl and blow up your comments and let you know that you’re that fucking girl. The amount of followers you have doesn’t match the talent you have, and now I’m going crazy and now I’m your fan.”

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