Stories by Shirley Reynozo

  1. Tiago PZK is the Future

    Tiago Uriel Pacheco Lezcano, a.k.a Tiago PZK, is an Argentinian artist whose career has grown by leaps and bounds. Recognized for his versatility when it comes to composing and creating music, his songs range from trap to R&B making it difficult to label him in one genre. There is no doubt that Tiago PZK is one

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  2. Villano Antillano, the Defiant Transfemme Artist, Has Created the Queer Anthem of the Summer With Her Latest Track “KLK”

    Villana Santiago Pacheco, known by her stage name, Villano Antillano, has been one of the pioneers of the queer movement within the urban genre in Puerto Rico. Born in Bayamón, Villano Antillano considers herself a transfemme person whose approach to music is as challenging and irreverent as she is magnetic and revolutionary. “I’m not a

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  3. Quench the Summer Heat With These Summer Faves

    I saw a meme that rightfully stated, “This is NOT the same heat MOZART was wearing them wigs in”. Of course I ugly chuckled when I scrolled on my IG feed and landed on this post. The heat waves, especially in New York, have been insane! Although I wish not to complain (especially since NYC

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