Stories by Shirley Reynozo

  1. “La Hora de Perrear” by La Goony Chonga is the Neoperreo You Need

    Kasey Avalos, known professionally as La Goony Chonga, is a Cuban-American rapper in both English and in Spanish. Her music has been described as Reggaeton, Latin trap, neoperreo, and hip hop. She is heavily influenced by Ivy Queen, “When you think of reggaeton artists–women–you think of her.” La Goony Chonga shared. Her latest project “La Hora de

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  2. 2023 is for Dominique Fishback, the Trailblazing Actress Starring in the new Series “Swarm”

    The New York City native, Dominique Fishback, shows us what it takes to land major roles and execute them with grace. What is even more admirable is how Dominique is able to step into character roles who storyline are drowned in trauma. Some notable roles by the Hollywood trailblazer include the part of Kenya in

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