Stories by Shirley Reynozo

  1. Artist Leslie Fortuna Explores Identity And Her Surroundings

    Leslie Fortuna is a Dominican / Puerto Rican artist from Brooklyn currently studying at NYU. Her visual work entails representing woman of color through various mediums. Though the work is inherently political, it is also filled wit and playfulness and a pervading sense of humanity that drips from the canvas. We sat down with her

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  2. Artist Rocio On How Being Fearlessly Yourself Is Inherently Black

    Rocio is a Dominican-American visual artist based in the Bronx. Often using fantastical visual representations of herself, Rocio depicts the fullness of Black female identity. Through the use of bold colors, rainbows and bolded texts, Rocio channels her emotions through the visual medium production. She uses large stars to honor the younger child she was.

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