The 10 Countries With The Hottest Girls According to American Guys

Do American dudes love exotic chicks? Or do they prefer a girl who’s from the USA and is accustomed to dealing with their shitty pick-up lines already?

41,643 American guys were surveyed by for their fourth annual list of sexiest nationalities, and it turns out that just like Tom Petty, they love American girls.

Take a look at the other 9 countries that made the list, some are predictable, some are surprising, and some have clearly been influenced by current bombshell celebs.

1. American

Regardless of what Donald Trump claims, no one is really “from” the US when you look into their family history. Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill does rock this Americana lingerie look pretty well though, don’t you think? According to speculators on Tumblr, Taylor has said she’s a mix of Turkish, Scottish, Irish, and Indian.

2. Armenian

We have a feeling that the Kardashians definitely schooled white boys on Armenian women. The Kardashians also recently visited the Armenian genocide memorial, and Kim posted a photo of her and her sisters on the 100th Anniversary of the genocide.

3. Canadian

Did you know that Pam was Canadian? Probably not, but now you do. The bombshell was born in British Columbia and actually got her start to modeling for Northern NY beer company Labatt Brewing. But even if you didn’t know Pam was from Canada, you know that some hotties are born there…hello? Drake and J Biebs!

4. Cuban

Okay, so Rosario Dawson wasn’t born in Cuba, but she was born to Cuban parents. Now that it’s gotten a bit easier to travel to Cuba due to Obama’s recent policy changes, you can go get yourself a nice cigar and take notes from Cuban babes.

5. Colombian

Shakira’s hips don’t lie, and those hips were made in Colombia. If you know anything about Shakira, it’s that she’s got the smarts to match her Colombian sexiness. Her first language is obviously Spanish, but she also speaks English, Portuguese, and Italian fluently.

6. Filipina

Nicole Scherzinger’s father was Filipino, but she took her stepfather’s last name after he left. Another bombshell Filipino-American is Vanessa Hudgens, who’s mom is Filipino.

7. Barbadian/Bajan

Something tells us that Barbados being on this list has to do with the fact that Rihanna and her constantly exposed nipples are all straight outta Barbados. The small island, home to 300,000 people, is much more obscure than the other countries on this list. Then again, if every chick from Barbados resembles Rihanna, we totally get it.

8. Australian

Elle Macpherson is the OG Australian bombshell, and she’s only looking better with age. She holds the record for Sports Illustrated covers (5) and has been nicknamed “The Body” because well… duh. She’s currently a businesswoman and has her own protein powder company.

9. English

It’s a well known fact that American chicks love British accents, and apparently American dudes are pretty into it too. With girls like Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson coming from the UK, we can’t blame them.

10. Italian

Who can resist a sexy Italian chick? Not to mention homemade meatballs. Rose McGowan was born in Italy and began her career as a model through her father’s contacts, leading her to be shot for Vogue Bambini as a child.

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