Pamela Anderson Says Yes to ‘Baywatch,’ Will Finally Get the Money She Deserves

Finally, after two months of speculation, Pamela Anderson has made the decision to appear in the Baywatch reboot.

And by “made the decision” we mean the producers who control all the money finally offered her a “more respectable” paycheck. 

Greedy money men, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. We know it must pain you to write a big check for a 48-year-old woman, regardless of how many gorgeous ad campaigns she can book, but trust us, it was worth it. 

The Rock agrees and is already kissing her ass.

While we’re not sure his claim that Baywatch was the most successful TV show of all time is true, he does has a point: Pamela Anderson is iconic and it would have been a mistake to make the movie without her.

Even though Kelly Rohrbach will be taking over as CJ Parker while Pamela will be playing some mystery role that may or may not include a red swimsuit, we’re sure Pam will manage to turn it out.

Take this as a lesson, ladies: never be afraid to ask for the money you know you deserve. Equal pay isn’t just for the celebrities of the world.

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