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  1. Ivanka Trump Basically Wore a Formal Skort to the Inauguration

    Just when you thought Trump’s inauguration couldn’t get any more horrific, we noticed Ivanka Trump was wearing a full-length skort. .@IvankaTrump, @DonaldJTrumpJr, @EricTrump, @TiffanyATrump, and Barron Trump arrive at #Inauguration. #Trump45 — Fox News (@FoxNews) January 20, 2017 Or at least an unevenly hemmed jacket with pants, which looked a whole lot like a full-length

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  2. trump_inauguration_empty_galore_mag

    Trump’s Inaugural Concert Was Empty AF Last Night

    Bad news for the bigot, Donald’s inaugural concert was empty AF last night. Then again, what else can you expect when you lose the popular vote by a couple million? READ ALSO: 17 Lazy Ways You Can Protest Trump’s Inauguration  Only about 10,000 people showed up last night to Donald’s Make America Great Again Welcome

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  3. Selena Gomez is Dressing Like a Fancy Kindergartener

    First it was Gigi, then it was Kendall, and now even Selena Gomez has succumbed to the most disturbing turtleneck trend of our time. On Thursday, Selena Gomez was spotted leaving in the streets of Los Angeles wearing a turtleneck layered under a sweater. And proving our theory that not even the most youthful, beautiful,

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