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  1. kendall_kylie_twins_galore_mag

    Kendall says Kylie sucks at this one social activity

    Kylie Jenner is a woman of many talents, but according to her older sister Kendall, there’s one thing she sucks at. Throwing parties. READ ALSO: Kylie just spoke up about her iconic tween stripper pole moment This fascinating bit of Kardashian-Jenner trivia came up during the video content section of The Hollywood Reporter‘s feature on the

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  2. bedgy_zodiac_galore_mag

    How bedgy you are based on your astrological sign

    In case you’re not aware, in May of this year, we coined the term bedgy to describe a new type of girl we’d noticed popping up everywhere. To put it simply, bedgy girls are basic girls who are tryna look edgy because they’re tired of looking basic. You can spot her sitting at a fancy

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  3. kylie_jenner_arty_instagram_galore_mag

    Kylie Jenner’s Instagram used to be artsy af

    Years before Kylie Jenner went into the family business of being a glamour girl, she was just another teenage artsy girl. We all know the type, right? Artsy girls live for movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, will talk to you for hours about why their favorite artists are the most genius being

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