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  1. bella_thorne_rave_kid_galore_mag

    What to Buy to Copy Bella Thorne’s New Rave Kid Look

    In keeping with her Instagram bio which reads, “yung smurf, little devil,” Bella Thorne’s been hitting the rave kid look hard recently. Maybe she’s acting up because Trump won, maybe she heard Kim Kardashian was bringing Hot Topic awareness back, or maybe she, like the rest of young Hollywood, is just taking full advantage of

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  2. All the Products Kylie Uses to Do Her Makeup Every Day

    If you’ve ever looked on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page or read this website, then you already know Kylie Jenner is a makeup queen. Recently, she told Violet Grey all about the makeup she uses every day, in addition to letting it slip she eats rice for breakfast, which I continue to find absolutely mind-blowing. READ

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  3. Ivanka Trump Is Bad At Instagram

    Ivanka Trump is good at many things — being blond, normalizing her father, designing shoes nobody wants to sell anymore — but Instagram isn’t one of them. In fact, Ivanka Trump is really bad at Instagram — especially for somebody with 3 million followers. READ ALSO: 18 Bizarre Tweets Ivanka Trump Actually Wrote  The idea of a

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  4. kylie_breakfast_galore_mag

    Kylie Eats the Same Bizarre Breakfast Combo Every Day

    Good news rice manufactures of the word, your sales are about to go through the roof! Kylie Jenner has the curious habit of being able to sell everything and anything to her millions of fans — lip gloss, bras with the word thick! on them, gummy bears that make your hair shiny — and now, it’s rice’s

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