Stories by Maria Pasquini

  1. rich_kids_instagram_galore_mag

    This Rich Kid of Instagram Got Busted For Not Being Rich

    There are only two requirements to be considered a rich kid of Instagram and apparently Julia Stakhiva only has the Instagram part of the equation down. Oops. READ ALSO: Kris Jenner Forced Weekly Manicures on Her Tween Daughters Now before we even get into this, it’s important to point out that there are two separate

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  2. PLL_drama_april_17

    6 Ways the PLL Girls Screwed Themselves Over Last Night

    You’d think that after seven seasons the cast of Pretty Little Liars would have learned a thing or two about not sabotaging themselves but sadly, they haven’t. Here’s how the girls all played themselves in last night’s episode. READ ALSO: We Talked With PLL’s Newest Mean Girl Ava Allan Hanna Hanna’s gone to great lengths to

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