6 location tags that’ll trick your followers into thinking you got invited to NYFW

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New York Fashion Week is more than just an event or a week-long parade of pretty people, it’s a status symbol.

Getting invited to a show or a party is a signal to the world that no matter how much of a shit show your life may seem, you’re a somebody where it really counts.

Of course, the only problem is that getting invited to NYFW is pretty much impossible if you don’t work in media, have friends with fashion connections, or have thousands of followers on Instagram.

Luckily, pretending like you’re a NYFW insider is just as easy as faking an orgasm.

It’s all about the geofilters and location tags.

Literally, all you need to do is figure out where shows and parties are happening, lurk outside, and have one of your friends take a picture of you.

Or better yet, rent an Instagram husband using TaskRabbit!

And just in case you’re already feeling pangs of guilt over the envy you’re about to inspire among all your friends, please don’t. Instagram is all about the art of deception anyway. You’re just fulfilling your end of the social contract.

1. Skylight Moynihan Station

Leaving the @michaelcostello show earlier today. Thanks @aldo_shoes for having us! #AldoMovesMe #AldoCrew

A photo posted by Shea Marie (@peaceloveshea) on

So many fashion shows happen here, it’s ridiculous.

Either snap a selfie on the post office steps or head to the venue’s north entrance on 33rd between 8th and 9th.

Kudos if you can get an actual famous person in the background.

2. Spring Studios

Pre- #vfilesrunway vibes 👽 // #nyfw

A photo posted by Colin Kerrigan (@colinkerrigan) on

Go here at night, check to see if there’s a line outside, and if there is, get to lurking and looking hot.

3. Vandal

Vandal is one of NYC’s go-to destinations for spotting celebrities and surprise surprise, NYFW is no exception.

4. Up&Down

Late nights w @golden_barbie

A photo posted by Foodgōd (@jonathancheban) on

Up&Down is NYC’s version of the Nice Guy. Everybody has after parties here all the time and all the celebrities make an appearance at ungodly hours like 3AM.  

For a little variety, instead of taking a picture outside, or making use of an old shitty photo you took inside earlier this year but never got around to posting, find a dark corner in Black Forrest next door, pretend like you’re having the time of your life, get your picture, and then treat yourself to the loaded milkshake you deserve.

You’ll probably have a way better time than anybody inside Up&Down anyway.

5. The Standard

There are usually a few shows going on at the Standard, and even if there aren’t, you can always just take a picture against a nondescript wall and use the geotag for the Meatpacking District whenever you see an event pop up on Instagram.  

6. Milk Studios

The same goes for Milk Studios.

Bonus points if you can get your friend to take a picture of you standing near whoever’s working the door, making it look like you’re so VIP that you’re about to cut whatever line is behind you.

Or, if you’re not into faking it, you can always go to any of these totally open to the public shows. Your friends won’t know the difference, and even if they do, they’ll still think it’s cool that you’re there.

Now get off the internet already and start transforming yourself into the hot swan you are. 

Happy fashion week, bbs.   

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