6 NYC Hotspots Where You’re Guaranteed to Spot Celebs

There are a lot of celebrities the week after the VMAs.

Even though most A-listers skipped the VMAs because MTV is kinda lame now, there were still a handful who had already said yes to performing and had to show up.

For the most part, they went to the same celeb NYC hotspots they always go to, because let’s be real, when it comes to going out, celebs are kinda boring. Once you really start to pay attention, you’ll realize that most celebs only go out to a handful of places in any given city, making it infinitely easier to go on your own celebrity sightseeing tour.

Seriously, if you don’t believe me, try going out to one of these NYC hotspots during a celeb-heavy time for New York, like Fashion Week. I almost guarantee you there’ll be someone there you’ll want to take a picture with.

Anyway, here are six NYC hotspots where celebrities have partied this week, and will party again next week during NYFW and probably every other week they’re in New York.

1. Carbone

Carbone is an Italian-American restaurant in Greenwich Village where A-listers like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Sarah Jessica Parker, Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted eating.

And on Sunday night, Drake and Rihanna were spotted grabbing a quick bite here after Drake’s very public profession of love.

Wonder if they pulled a Lady and the Tramp with the last meatball, although knowing Rihanna, she’d shut the shit down faster than she turned away from Drake’s kiss last night.

2. Up & Down

If you follow NYC nightlife at all, then you already know about Up & Down.

Almost any celebrity you can think about is prominently displayed living it up on their Instagram page, and it’s a go-to spot for lit after parties.

On Sunday night such VIPs included Drake, Rihanna, Stella Maxwell, Chance the Rapper, and even David Blaine.

Our eyewitness said it was pretty lame, but what can you do?

3. Pasquale Jones

Family Zone👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

A photo posted by therealswizzz (@therealswizzz) on

Pasquale Jones is a swanky pizza joint that Jay Z and Beyoncé decided to rent out for a private party of all their swanky friends on Sunday night.

It will also forever be known as that NYC restaurant where Kim couldn’t stop staring at Beyoncé’s face.

Been there, Kim. Been there.

4. Vandal

At the corner of Bowery & Spring📍#vandalnewyork 📸: @joenath1

A photo posted by Vandal Restaurant & Lounge (@vandalnewyork) on

Vandal is a relatively new NYC club, but it’s already immensely popular and a v. cool place to be seen.

On Sunday night, Republic Records threw their own VMA party there and celebs like Ariana Grande, Hailey Baldwin and Rita Ora were there, soaking up the vibes and schmoozing.

5. Marquee

Marquee is another nightclub, heavy on the club.

On Sunday, DJ Khaled threw a party there and celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Janelle Monae and Busta Rhymes were there to check out all the action.

6. Nobu

Drake has rapped about Nobu on multiple occasions.

Besides the Cheesecake Factory, Nobu is probably one of his favorite places to go out on dates.

Obviously then it’s hardly surprising that on Monday night, Drake and Rihanna were seen having dinner here.

Pro tip: if you’re ever trying to spot Drake out in the wild, check to see if wherever you’re at has a Nobu. If it does, go there and wait. He’ll probs show up.

[H/T Page Six]

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