Brooklyn Decker Details Exactly How Her Sports Illustrated Cover Was Photoshopped

We all know that every image we see of a famous person in a magazine, and even on Instagram, is probably photoshopped, but somehow it’s always shocking when a celebrity points out exactly how much work goes into changing a photo.

Last night former Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to shed some light on how Sports Illustrated photoshops their covers, or at least how much they photoshopped her cover from 2010.  

Just in case you don’t remember the cover, here’s what it looked like.


Are you ready to find out what they photoshopped?

Do you already have some guesses?

Well, get ready to have your world rocked.

“Here’s a little secret,” informs Decker. “This house was not there.”

What? You mean Sports Illustrated photoshopped a house onto their cover? That’s ludicrous.

“How about this waist? Is that waist there?” Colbert asked in an attempt to get back to content that online publications would go gaga for the next day.

Catching on to what Colbert was saying, Decker continued. “See this ab?”

Yes we see it, girl. What about it?

“That’s like the magic of lighting right there. So thank you, Sports Illustrated. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.”

Of course, this photoshopping is pretty benign compared to what The Royal Hospital for Women in Australia just did to Miranda Kerr’s face, but you know, good for Brooklyn Decker for letting us know that she had slightly fewer visible abs at the time this picture was taken.

Every little celebrity declaration against photoshopping helps, right?

[H/T Vanity Fair]

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