Men Need To Stop Using This Offensive Pick Up Line

Pick up lines piss girls off.

Guy at bar: “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”

Me: “No because I didn’t, so shut up.”

While the majority of men attempt to come up with a slightly better way at approaching women than a silly pick up line, many do not. And while most pick up lines are harmless, there’s one specifically that hurts my feelings…

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

When I answer no, men shockingly take it to heart.

Then they try these ones:

“How on earth does a girl like you not have a boyfriend?” or “What kind of guy wouldn’t want to date you?”

Oh, I’m sorry! I wasn’t aware that having a boyfriend was some lovely privilege bestowed upon lowly peasant women like me. Maybe the reason I don’t have a boyfriend is because I haven’t found anyone worthy of the position yet, ever think about that? Oh no, probably not, because you’re thinking with your penis anyway.

Galore Mag - Bad Pickup LinesBecause men never take my advice, here’s a list of possible responses to the worst pick up line ever:

1. Yes, he’s still defrosting in my fridge so I can eat him for dinner.

2. No, but I have a girlfriend who could beat you up!

3. Do you have a boyfriend?

4. I have boyfriend jeans and a boyfriend blazer, my boyfriend must’ve gotten lost along the way.

5. No, you can pick up an application on your way out though!

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