6 Reasons Every Girl Goes Ga-Ga For A British Guy

Sorry, American dudes. You’re great at chugging beers and BBQ-ing. You even look great on the beach during the fourth of July. However, every girl has a spot in her heart for a dude with a British accent (or if not a spot in her heart, then a spot between her legs…)


1. Their Accent

Somehow, even if a guy isn’t super great looking, his accent just bumps up his hotness. There are times when a guy isn’t even attractive to a chick…until he opens his mouth. If you like dirty talk, imagine it in a British accent? Yeah…you can go masturbate to Harry Potter fan-fiction now.

2. Their Physique

Okay, unlike American boys, many British boys aren’t hawking protein powder or getting their “swole” on. While it’s nice to have a guy to throw you around in bed, every girl has a affinity for their first boy-band crush with a thinner physique. Besides, how else is he going to pull off skinny jeans?

3. The Way They Resemble All Your Childhood Crushes

Remember that Amanda Bynes movie where she fell in love with a Prince and he was like, the cutest guy ever? How about Ed Westwick, or David Beckham? Yeah, there’s no denying that all the best looking and most heart-throb-worthy guys were all English (whether they faked an American accent for the big screen or not).

4. They Sound Smarter

How did you try to seem smarter as a kid? Putting on your mom’s glasses? Probably. Emulating a British accent? Definitely.

5. Everything About Them is New

How many American guys can you date before you realize that they’re all a**holes? A lot. How many British guys can you date before you realize they’re probably all still a**holes? Why don’t you find out?

6. They’re Way More Cultured

If you’ve ever been to Europe, you’ll realize how easy it is to get from place to place. Most guys residing in the U.K. have probably been to way more countries than anyone who grew up in the U.S. They’ve got loads to teach you about the world around them, and might speak another language on top of their British accent (drool).

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