7 Things You Didn’t Know About Cuba, With An Editorial

Cuba can feel like somewhat of a mystery place, especially to us Americans. And that’s for a good reason. But amazingly, we’re living in a time where that doesn’t has to be the case anymore. We’ve been rejoicing since December 17, when Barack Obama announced that travel restrictions between Cuba and the United States were lifted, opening the doors to Cuba for travelers for the first time in decades. In celebration of the times changing, we compiled 7 facts that’ll help you get to know the land “down under” the United States, and a gorgeous editorial alongside of it. Hey, learning has gotta be fun too, right?

1. It’s snowed once in Cuba to date. And that date was March 12, 1857. Oh, and Christmas did not become an official holiday in Cuba until 1997.

2. People will sometimes refer to Cuba as “El Caiman” or, “El Cocodrilo”, which is Spanish for alligator, since that’s what shape the island takes from an aerial view.  

3. Famed communist leader, Fidel Castro, grew a beard because he didn’t have access to a razor, courtesy of the United States embargo. This is the same dude who erected a statue of John Lennon in 2000. Castro was a true Lennon fanboy.

4. Cuba’s to thank for some of America’s best writing. Ernest Hemingway wrote For Whom The Bell Tolls and The Old Man and The Sea during his time spent in Havana. “This is one prize that belongs to Cuba,”—he said when he won the Nobel Prize in 1954—“because my work was conceived and created in Cuba.”

5. Crossdressing is illegal in Cuba.

6. Until 2008, it was illegal to own a computer. Still, the internet is still barely accessible.

7. The most important thing to know? Flights to the country currently cost about $450 to $500 round-trip from Miami to Havana or $850 round-trip from New York.

Photography by Jacob Dekat

Creative Direction by Prince Chenoa

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