Rihanna’s Pool Swan Moment Gives Hope to Single Girls Everywhere

With news of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s bummer of a breakup (AND Gigi and Zayn’s!!!) still rippling through the celeb world, pool swan floats have been on everyone’s minds. Taylor and Calvin debuted their new relationship to the world while sitting on one of them, you see.

And now, like the badass beacon of hope she is, Rihanna has uploaded her own swan float selfie of sorts. And instead of being a clarion call for codependence, it’s a slightly sloppy ode to singledom.

In the video, which was first posted to Snapchat, Rihanna is holding a healthy glass of wine while basking on the swan float. As her bestie Melissa Forde holds the camera, though, the swan float starts to revolt. It decides to topple over, even though Rihanna isn’t done laying on it!

Rihanna falls off the float. But, total boss that she is, she manages to maintain her wrist balance in such a way that she doesn’t spill a single drop of wine. I mean, look at that form:

This video is a metaphor for everything amazing about being single — a skill Rihanna, who’s constantly rejecting A-list men, is REALLY good at. When you’re single, you can float around in a pool drinking a glass of red during the middle of the day with your besties. No dudes will bother you. You don’t have to share you pool toys with your boyfriend. The only thing you have to worry about is yourself (and not spilling your drink).

Taylor should take note. If there’s one thing she and Calvin Harris had in common, it was a love of vacation selfies. In fact, poor Tay will probably feel a twinge of sadness every time she takes one for the next six months or so.

So our advice to Taylor is to give Rihanna a call. It might be a little awk since Ri currently has a single out with Calvin Harris. But hey, if these two high-powered acquaintances could bury the hatchet after Rihanna sang the hook in Taylor’s least favorite Kanye song of all time, they can get past a casual collab.

So Rihanna and Taylor, please post a single-gal pool selfie that will break the internet this summer! You deserve it and so do we.

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