Guess Taylor Swift Isn’t Mad at Rihanna for Kanye’s ‘Famous’

Back in February when Kanye vs. Taylor Round Two began, it was pretty easy to tell which celebs were on whose side — mostly because Taylor was making all her friends tweet about it.

But one thing we’ve wondered this whole time was where Rihanna stood on the whole thing. We’ve always assumed Rihanna and Taylor had sort of a Mick Jagger-John Lennon relationship. Since they came up at the same time and have similar levels of fame, we figured they must have a mutual admiration for each other, even though they’re not quite besties and Rihanna would never be caught dead in someone else’s squad.

So while Taylor and Kanye were reigniting their years-old beef at the VMAs and beyond, we couldn’t help but wonder what was going on between Taylor and Rihanna behind the scenes, since Rihanna sang the hook and intro for “Famous.” In fact, Rihanna’s voice can be heard loud and clear just before the line that got Kanye in so much trouble: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/I made that bitch famous.”

Well, we don’t have to wonder anymore, because Taylor was seen geeking out when Rihanna joined her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, to perform their joint hit and one of the best Rihanna songs of all time, “We Found Love.” She even posted video of the performance on Instagram, captioning it, “I’ll NEVER forget this moment,” like any good Coachella novice.

So there you have it: nothing can come between Taylor Swift and Rihanna, not even a questionable Kanye line. Or, Taylor just realizes that beefing with Rihanna will get her nowhere fast because Rihanna literally DGAF about anything. Whichever.

I’ll NEVER forget this moment. @badgalriri @calvinharris #coachella

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