5 Romantic Dates To Make DiCapRih Last Forever

It looks like our favorite bad gal has found love in a not-so-hopeless place (we hope) and we are thrilled! Although the rumors have not been confirmed by either mega-star, we are crossing our fingers and toes that Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna are truly in a (really, really badass) relationship. If you know anything about Ri, it’s that she is a bad bitch, and one who is very likely a queen at playing hard to get, because why wouldn’t she be? We love Leo and want to see DiCapRiri last, so we decided to help him sweep this goddess off of her stilettos with 5 perfect dates.

Dream Date #1: A golden dinner at Serendipity. Surely Leo can afford a $1,000 sundae and $295 burger, right?


Dream Date #2: Take her on a princess dress shopping spree to really make Rihanna feel like royalty. Plus, if anybody needs more poofy gowns it’s this babe.


Dream Date #3: Rent a private Fiji island for a weekend getaway. Since everyone will be obsessing over the couple soon enough, privacy will be needed.


Dream Date #4: Bring her to the Oscars 2016, where he FINALLY wins an award.


Dream Date #5:  Surprise her with a trip home to Barbados on his private jet (duh) and meet the fam once things start to really heat up.


You’re very welcome Leo!

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