Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are Ready to Start Being One of Those Couples

Unless everybody you know in your life is the best, chances are you’ve run into one of those couples before.

You know, the kind of lovebirds who like to spend their free time clogging up your feed with pictures of their overly affectionate life together in an attempt to make the world jealous, or at least decide to christen their love #relationshipgoals.

As of yesterday, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris proved they’re ready to start being one of those couples.


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One week ago, Taylor and Calvin celebrated their one year anniversary, but let’s be honest, posting a picture of a tacky heart-shaped locket was not enough.

No, Taylor and Calvin needed to do something drastic. Something way more #relationshipgoals. They needed to go on a romantic vacation to a tropical island together, and they needed to capture as many cliche “our love is real” moments as possible. 

That time when we finally took a vacation. @calvinharris

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Taylor Swift + Adam Wiles

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Isn’t it cute? Taylor is a human who makes mistakes and Calvin is a human who laughs at her for it. And they both have initials that look vom-worthy when written next to each other and surrounded in a heart.

Are you dying yet? Good. That’s exactly the reaction they were hoping for.

While Taylor and Calvin haven’t exactly been hiding their love for each other over the past year, they’ve kept it relatively low-key. A photo of a half naked piggy back ride here, a photo of them literally chilling with a snowman there, but mostly all they’ve done in public until now is hold hands and sit next to each other.

Although we wouldn’t say that excited is the right word to describe our feelings toward their future together in PDA land, at least Taylor finally seems ready, willing and able to get her sexy on.


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Congratulations, Taylor. We always knew you had it in you.

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