Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Reportedly Have Broken Up

Calvin Harris and Taylor swift have reportedly called it quits, according to TMZ.

After 15 months of award show appearances, PDA, and ugly anniversary gifts; the pop princess and the EDM DJ have apparently ended things for reasons that have not been disclosed yet. TMZ reports that there was no “big drama” to cause the split.

Curiously, Calvin Harris was in a car accident only two weeks ago, and Taylor Swift unveiled her new Hot Topic-esque look about a month ago. Could either of these situations have contributed to the break up?

While some fans are happy to see Calvin or Taylor moving on, others are upset over the fact that Swift has seemingly abandoned Harris in his time of need after the accident. Other fans are thinking exactly what we’re thinking, that whether the break up was positive or negative, it likely means some new tunes from Swift, and potentially Harris as well.

Whatever happened between the two, we’re sure neither of the sexy celebs are going to have trouble finding someone new to keep their bed warm at night.

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