11 Hot Topic items to help Taylor Swift with her new look

Taylor Swift has a new look and in case you missed it, we’re not a fan.

But in the spirit of sisterhood, we’ve decided to put aside our misgivings and try to help Taylor pull off her I’m too emo for my mall goth socks phase by taking her shopping at the store every teenage girl turns to when she’s trying to be “edgy”: Hot Topic. 

Here are some items we really want to buy for Taylor to help her pull her new look off:

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1. A fake septum piercing


Taylor doesn’t have any extraneous piercings, and honestly, most of the teenagers who shop at Hot Topic don’t either. Don’t worry bb, HT got you covered.

2. A set of pentagram bracelets


So hardcore.

3. Black lipstick


V. important

4. A coffin backpack


Being chill with death is like, so cool.

5. A sexy cat hoodie


Taylor Swift used to wear cat ears when she was 22, so why not just step it up and go full S&M cat woman? Now that’s a music video we want to see. C’mon Taylor, it’s on sale for $24.49.

6. Vampire fangs



7. A skeleton dress


Every mall goth has at least eight of these in her closet.

8. Back strap pants


An absolute must for every girl who thinks she’s emo.


9. A vaguely gothic necklace/choker set


Taylor’s really into chokers, and what better way to say “I have a vague sense of the occult” than to wear jewelry with moons and fake crystals on it.

10. Edgy boots


Those Vetements boots are cute, but real punks know that if your shoes don’t have at least two buckles, you’re on some weak ass pussy bullshit, amirite?


11. Matching his/hers necklaces for her and whoever her next bf is


Nobody’s saying Taylor can’t be in love, but she’s gotta toughen up about it. These matching “bitch” and “jerk” necklaces should do just the trick.

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