11 Met Ball Oufits Anna Wintour Should Not Have Approved

In case you didn’t know, the Met Ball is Anna Wintour’s party and she has the power to say yes or no to just about everything, including what celebrities wear.

Anna Wintour and her team “exert significant control over the guest list, the seating plan, the coverage — deciding which reporters are allowed to go where — and, often, even what selected guests will wear,” according to the The New York Times.

If that’s true, then it’s even less forgivable when big stars turn up on the red carpet wearing outfits that scream, “I’m the failure my older brother told me I’d grow up to be.”

Here are 11 Met Ball outfits that Anna should never have approved.

1. Taylor Swift


Okay Anna, we have got to talk about this new look you’re trying to push Taylor into. As much as we applaud you for your efforts to correct Taylor’s painfully unhip fashion sense, dressing her up in an outfit from the Hot Topic/Taylor Momsen reject pile is not doing it for us.

It’s time to accept that there isn’t a peroxide strong enough to help Taylor pull off this rock girl look. It’ll always come off as Rock Star 101 instead. 

That being said, those boots are fierce. Maybe you should have gone for the edgy ballerina look instead. Much more Taylor’s vibe.

2. Selena Gomez


Chunky boots with contrast laces can liven up many situations: bat mitzvahs, homecoming dances, meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. A red carpet event where tables cost $250,000 probably doesn’t need to be one of those times or places.

3. Gigi Hadid and Zayn


Anna, we see what you were trying to do here. This was clearly an act of sabotage so you could justify giving the Best Dressed Couple designation to Kim and Kanye, but still.

4. Demi Lovato


Jeremy Scott is a wonderful designer, but this Moschino dress is a mess, Anna. Look at Demi’s face: even she’s not happy to be wearing it. 

You should have pushed for one of Jeremy’s many, many, many other gorgeous designs. 

5. Zoe Kravitz


No offense to sorority girls, but this looks like something a sorority girl would wear for Halloween if she was trying to think outside of the typical tastefully slutty costume box. 

And those shoes?

Anna, you shouldn’t have. You really shouldn’t have.

6. Solange


JK don’t worry Anna, we know Solange isn’t a big enough to star to warrant your outfit input. This fashion failure is all her own.

7. Emma Stone


This dress isn’t doing Emma’s figure any favors and it’s really boring, Anna. Like it’s a basic wedding/private school graduation dress that some designer stuck a corset/harness attached.

And it’s not even a sexy corset, just one that sits there on your hips and erases your curves.

Come on Anna, what did Emma ever do to you?

But do tell, what did Emma do you, Anna?  We’re dying for some good gossip over here.

8. Saoirse Ronan


Just like nobody knows how to pronounce her name, nobody knows what’s going on with this dress.

Partial fur trim? Check.
Fur sleeve? Check.
Ostrich-like fur collar? Check.
Random butterfly accent? Check.

Come on, Anna, you can admit it. Was this the winner of a five-minute Project Runway challenge?

9. Dakota Johnson


Gucci is Gucci but this dress looks like something a very mature fashion forward 14-year-old would wear on her birthday.

10. Miranda Kerr


This outfit is a slam dunk until you get to the paisley print ruffle that turned an otherwise gorgeous geometric pencil skirt into a v. WTF mermaid skirt.

Like couldn’t you have got Louis Vuitton to cut it off, Anna? Oh, wait, what’s that you say? That’s not how designers work? Well, then you should have told them to pick something else for her. Sorry, this is the Met Ball, no excuses Anna.

11. Madonna


You’ve probably given up trying to rein in Madonna’s outfits by now, but we wish you wouldn’t. While we’re all for a lady’s right to flash as little or as much skin as she feels comfortable with, in the good name of taste we wish you had advised Givenchy to see to it that Madonna had to choose between nipple tape and an exposed buttocks. 

Although to be fair, the nipple tape was probably a concession, so good job on that.

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