Everything The Kardashian-Jenner Fam Wore To The Met Ball

The Kardashian-Jenner family is taking over the world, and yesterday they took over the Met Ball.

Of course some shit went down, although sadly none of it took place in an elevator.

Here’s everything they wore and all the drama those outfit choices brought upon their family name.

Kylie Jenner

Yesterday marked Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala debut so she decided to celebrate the moment by dressing up like her older sister Kim.

While Kylie’s custom Balmain dress isn’t exactly fashion forward or risk taking, we’ll give Kylie a pass on that for now. Bb looked gorgeous and way more sophisticated than any other 18-year-old girl going to prom 

Although then again, seeing as the dress made her legs bleed and the shoes made her feet turn purple, maybe she just should have picked something different to wear.

Obviously Kylie was quick to change into another Balmain dress before the after party.

It’s worth noting that Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga was also present and also wearing custom Balmain. His jacket was kind of tacky, but still… expensive? Either way, they matched and Kylie looked better and that’s all that matters.


Kim and Kanye were voted Vogue’s best dressed couple of the night. We’re not quite sure why seeing as Kanye legit wore ripped jeans to the party, but whatever because it made him really happy.

According to Kanye, Olivier Rousteing (Balmain’s creative director and Kardashian BFF) made four custom dresses for Kim to choose between, and then let her take the top from one and the bottom from another to make a fifth.

Kanye on the other hand wore ripped jeans, a blinged out custom Balmain jacket, and some freaky contact lenses.

It was a “fun” night.

Kris Jenner

Kris wore Balmain to stay on brand and her boyfriend Corey Gamble did too.

Kendall Jenner

Even though half of her family showed up to the Met Ball wearing Balmain, Kendall decided to take this moment to remind the world (and President Obama) that she’s a high fashion model and she can wear Atelier Versace if she wants to.

Spoiler alert: she did and she looked gorgeous.

Still,  this decision likely caused some minor family drama seeing as Kim wanted her whole family to wear Balmain so they could take a family photo on the Met steps to use for the Christmas card, which seems a bit rude seeing as three of her siblings weren’t invited, but whatever. Zanna Rossi told E! News that Kylie’s choice to wear Versace was indeed a curveball — she was supposed to wear Balmain.

It’s also worth noting that Kendall was the only Kardashian/Jenner who wasn’t at the after party, so either she decided she was too tired or Kris forbade her from going as punishment for not wearing Balmain.

Everybody Else

Rob, Khloé, Kourtney, and of course Angela were not in attendance and celebrated the snub by abstaining from posting a picture to Instagram for the whole day.

Don’t worry guys, your time is coming.  Your mother will see to it.

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