Blac Chyna’s Rep Confirms She’s Changing Her Name to Angela Kardashian

In a twist that no doubt has Kris Jenner steaming at the ears like an old-timey cartoon character, Blac Chyna’s rep has announced that following her marriage to Rob Kardashian Jr., she will officially be changing her name to Angela Kardashian.

That’s right — the former stripper, video girl, Nicki Minaj stunt double and cast aside baby momma is now the newest Kardashian sister. Talk about a modern-day Cinderella story.

Chyna, who was born Angela White, had her “rep” confirm the engagement news and the name change news to People. This is interesting because it will place People squarely on the Kardashians’ shit list. It’s not like People to go against A-listers. Is a Blac Chyna scoop really worth it? Hell no.

But remember, this isn’t Blac Chyna we’re talking about. It’s Angela Kardashian. And is an Angela Kardashian scoop worth pissing off Kris Jenner? Hell yes.

This is some serious brand strategy, you guys. If you’re going to school for marketing and branding, I suggest you drop out and just study Blac Chyna Angela Kardashian. I dare say she might be even better at forcing her way into superstardom than her new sisters. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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