Blac Chyna Once Worked as Nicki Minaj’s Body Double

It seems like Blac Chyna is everywhere lately thanks to her recent arrest and bomb new social media strategy of dating Rob Kardashian.

But it turns out she’s actually low-key been everywhere for years. Like the Love in “Love Actually,” Chyna actually is all around!

Before she was lurking in Kim Kardashian’s Instagrams, we all know Chyna was a model-slash-stripper. A true jack of all trades, she apparently also has her own line of lip products and owns a lash bar in California. But did you know she was also Nicki Minaj’s body double in the “Monster” video?

Cosmopolitan uncovered this truth while doing a deep dive on Chyna to figure out where the hell she came from once and for all. Watch Nicki’s verse in “Monster” — you can totally tell at some parts that the Barbie Nicki in the chair is actually Chyna. Also, how did we never notice before how much these two look alike?

Below, you can also watch an interview where Chyna talks about the experience. She also apparently got name-dropped in a Drake song. Some model-slash-strippers get to have all the fun.

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