Calvin Harris’ Transformation From Shlep To Sexy!

When Calvin Harris, the “Love” producer, broke onto the scene in 2007 with his first album I Created Disco, we were dancing to his music and ignoring the dude behind the booth unless truly necessary. While there are plenty of sexy DJs gracing the stage these days, there’s still a pretty big range. Either you’re sexy as hell like Nervo, or you’re a high-school drop-out who’s making “jams” in his parents basement. However, with his latest Emporio Armani campaign, we see that times have CLEARLY changed for Calvin. We created an ode to Mr. Harris’ rise to fame and into becoming the beauty that he is today.

2007: Calvin at The Mercury Lounge, clearly very into his set


2008: Here we see that dapper smile and we know the British are known for having bad teeth but the Scottish aren’t looking much better with this one


2009: His album Ready For The Weekend debuted to #1 on the UK charts and Calvin seemed to be cleaning up a little bit….but we still need to fix those teeth..


2010: Much more potential here, he looks like the type of guy we would make out with drunkenly in a bar and casually date.


2012: Finally ditched the emo hair-dye! Although I prefer brunettes, we gotta say Calvin looks great with his natural goldi-locks. Not to mention the two MTV awards he snagged while breaking into the mainstream US music scene.


2015: His campaign for Armani deserves more than one picture- actually a gif.


Holy…what?! Fame really does make you hot, and we’re certainly not complaining…


You know all those rappers that shout-out to their ex-girlfriends that are hitting them up now that they’re famous? We’re pretty sure Calvin is going to have to switch numbers to avoid all his ex-baes.


He should also pray that we don’t get a hold of his number.. because I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a “private interview” with him after this gif…


Yep, Ellie Goulding was right when she sang “I Need Your Love“…




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