The Biggest Success Tips I Learned From Kim Kardashian’s GQ Interview

“Kim Kardashian West has had the same job for a decade now—being Kim Kardashian,” Caity Weaver wrote as the first sentence of Kim Kardashian West’s GQ cover story. But what does being Kim Kardashian even mean in the world of “jobs?”

Well, Weaver went into detail on that too; from her reality TV empire on E! network, to her artful marriage to creative genius Kanye West, to her big money ventures into the tech industry with her website, app, and emojis — Kim Kardashian West is one of the most well-known brands in the world right now. And with each passing day, she’s only gaining more fans and followers.

“Kanye might be the artistic genius in the family, but Kim is the CEO,” wrote Weaver. And she’s right. If anybody knows how to run a major empire, it’s Kim mother f*cking Kardashian. Plus, Kanye’s allegedly in $53 million of debt. Here’s the biggest success tips Kim revealed in her GQ interview.

1. Keep growing your empire.

Kim’s website, app, and emojis “generate revenue projected to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars—money that dwarfs Kim’s E! paycheck,” wrote Weaver. “Kim has so thoroughly monetized the very act of living that the money she earns from being filmed going about her life constitutes a relatively small sum compared with the one she generates from allowing people to see pictures and cartoon drawings of the life she has already filmed.” So, Kim now makes more money than she ever has by not revealing her in-person self. Glorious.

2. Make decisions quickly, and without any emotion.

Kim’s GQ cover story revealed that the majority of her meetings consist of “approvals,” or quick decisions. “Kim begins flipping through a binder of photos, choosing ones to include in the approximately 14 billion collages (Kim loves collages) on her app, covering every page in a rash of approval hieroglyphs,” wrote Weaver. “This continues for nearly an hour, her face betraying no more emotion when she scrawls a giant X on a photo of herself on her wedding day cuddling her child than when she draws one over a retail image of a one-piece swimsuit.” There you have it: whether it’s your baby or your swimsuit, approve what’s best for your brand, not your feelings.

3. Delete your emails and texts.

Apparently, Kim is “frighteningly organized.” Kim tells Weaver that “before bed she deletes every single text message and e-mail from her phone, unless it’s something she still needs to respond to.” I actually do this myself. It’s the only way to stay on top of your work and personal life without feeling overwhelmed. It does delete a ton of memories though — RIP.

4. Reinvent your idea of the American Dream.

“Fame found her a few years shy of 30, when she lived in a modest condo and her full-time job was helping to run a small clothing store with her sisters. Less than a decade later, she’s one half of one of the most famous couples on earth, a glamorous poster child for a post-racial future, an ex-club kid who’s made being a teetotaling homebody aspirational,” wrote Weaver. “Someone who lives the American Dream is not, strictly speaking, an American hero. They’re just someone who turned less into more. And who among us could have taken Kim’s tools—murder, a sex tape, spray tanner, and an ass that simply refuses to quit—and accomplished more?” Yeah, literally nobody else.

5. Never forget.

As Weaver prepared to leave Kim’s home, she joked that she hoped she’d remembered to turn on her recorder before beginning their interview. “If you didn’t, don’t worry,” Kim said. “I remember everything.” And that’s a great trait to have. Remembering things as they are is one of the rarest, most impressive qualities in a woman. Why? Well, because it’s a sure sign she’s logical.

Yeah, Kim’s a boss guys. And don’t you ever forget it.

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