It Was Hot In New York Yesterday, So Rihanna Freed the Nip

Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, New York City felt like the sweltering metropolis it is, so while she was strolling through Soho, Rihanna freed the nip.

Believe it or not, Rihanna’s sheer Gucci dress, which retails at $3,500, actually comes with a detachable slip that more conservative celebrities like Julia Roberts can opt to use when they wear the dress.

But for a handful of reasons, Rihanna isn’t like Julia Roberts, so she opted to go without.


It should be noted that when Alessandro Michele sent this dress down the runway last September, the model wore the dress the Rihanna way, making that the definitive way. 

Sorry, Julia.

Rihanna also accessorized the dress with a pair of black panties, a silver bag, and a pair of lace-up ankle heels that kind of look like something a pair of bowling shoes would dream of growing up to be. 

Rihanna was reportedly headed back to her hotel, but for all we know, she could just as easily have been on her way to meet Leonardo DiCaprio in some nightclub just to play with our emotions a little. 

Sigh, no bra no problems, right?

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