Drake Did A Super LOL Impression of Rihanna on SNL

Over the weekend, a newly naked-baby-faced Drake hosted Saturday Night Live, and he didn’t waste any time before treating us to the Rihanna impression we never knew we wanted from him.

The impression came at the end of his opening monologue, where Drake got real about how emotional he gets when people make memes about him.

“Look, I get that I’m expressive but some of the memes are a little aggressive / I would just say that it’s a little excessive when you go make me the face of Progressive.”

Don’t you just love a millionaire who doesn’t mind making fun of himself on national television?  #dearfuturezaddy

And then out of nowhere, Drake did something unexpected: he told the audience he had a special surprise for them.   

“Oh ladies and gentlemen, do I have a treat for you tonight. Rihanna is here tonight, make some noise.”

And then, after putting on a shag wig that looked like it was purchased from the Dollar Store and an equally unconvincing Barbadian accent, Drake’s super LOL impression of Rihanna was born. 

“Oh, I so excited to be here tonight. Oh my God, oh my God,” fake Rihanna exclaimed, before launching in to a very special version of her hit song “Work.”

“See Drake in a meme meme meme meme meme
But I know what it seem seem seem seem seem
Another joke again gain gain gain gain
I swear we only friends friends friends friends friends.”

Ahem, our astrology specialist would beg to differ on the just friends part since Drake and Ri are clearly meant to be, but okay.

Watch the whole thing below, or fast forward to the 3:45 mark.

Don’t worry — we won’t tell Drake you didn’t want to sit through three and a half minutes of meme recap. 

Or at least, we won’t tell him until that glorious day when we finally track down his phone number and become best friends with him, and then all bets are off, kay? 

Consider yourself warned.


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