Drake & Rihanna’s Astrological Charts Say They Belong Together

Drake and Rihanna — has there ever been a celebrity couple that people wanted to work out more?

The two vocalists briefly dated a few years ago and have gone on to collaborate on three singles. Every time they get together, they make headlines — like last night when Drake joined Rihanna on the “ANTI” tour and everyone pretty much lost it.

So as an astrologist, I got curious about what compelled Rihanna and Drake to overcome such incredible odds to stay friends, or maybe even rekindle their romance — whatever it is they’re up to right now. It seemed to me that they must have a special connection that would be clear in their astrological birth charts. So I went ahead and used the tools of astrology to investigate what is really going on between these two — and I found out they’re truly meant to be.

In astrology, you gauge a relationship by overlaying two people’s charts. I have looked at hundreds of couples, and I found a pattern: what the strongest ones all had in common was that their dominant planets and energies fall into three specific houses: the fifth, the seventh, and the eighth house.

The Fifth House of Fun, Fated Encounters, True Love, and Romance

Rihanna has Leo in her fifth house, meaning she needs a true romantic who’s in love with love. She needs someone who attracts and shows his love in a warm way, loves sex, and likes cheesy people. Oh, and someone who’s into musicians and artists. Ding ding ding!

Her intercepted sign is Virgo, meaning she attracts a practical partner who likes to fix her and help her become the best version in herself.

She also has hints of Lilith, the dark goddess, in Leo, meaning she unconsciously craves a romance in the spotlight. Drake not only appreciates Rihanna but also does so in public. His Virgo rising sign also falls into her fifth house. Translation: he’s kinky and he brings order to her life. What a combo.

The Seventh House of Relationships, Other People, Marriage, and Enemies

Rihanna is a Libra so she should attract charming and gracious men who put relationships above all else and help her to control and balance her temper, which is caused by her Aries rising sign. Since Pluto is in her seventh house, she attracts intense and transformative love/hate relationships. She looks for crises to test whether there is unconditional love. She destroys love to rebuild it and make it stronger. This makes her dramatic — she attracts scorpionic or plutonic people.

Meanwhile, Drake is very Libran because the sun, Pluto, and Mercury are all ruled by Libra for him. His sun sign is Scorpio — and if someone can handle intensity and transformational drama, it’s a Scorpio.

Drake has Pisces in his seventh house, meaning he will always attract women who are artistic, spiritually evolved, emotional, and maybe a little troubled. Drake will attract Piscean, Neptunian people — he’s fascinated by them and finds them magnetic.

Meanwhile, Rihanna’s sun sign is Pisces. She has Neptune, the ruler of the ocean, as her planet, so she truly is a mystical mermaid who can lure men into her magical world. She’s hard her ups and downs but this just makes her more human, and Drake is happy to be there for her in hard times.

Also, since Jupiter is in his seventh house, he attracts larger than life personalities, foreigners, or people from different backgrounds — a.k.a. Rihanna. Also, her sun falls into his seventh house. All of this combines to make these two marriage material.

The Eighth House of Deep Intimacy and Sexuality

Rihanna’s eighth house is in Scorpio, meaning she needs someone who will bring her scorpionic traits. She deeply craves the intensity and deep love a Scorpio is capable of giving. She needs sex to be spiritual.

Meanwhile, as stated before, Drake’s sun sign is Scorpio, meaning he can give Rihanna what she needs in this area. Plus, if a Scorpio feels destined to be with someone, nothing will stop them from going after it. They can be very patient. And since rumor has it that Rihanna’s the one who ended things, it makes sense that Drake wouldn’t mind waiting in the wings.

Drake has Pisces in the eighth house, meaning he has a sentimental approach to love and sex and looks for a mental connection. He’s selfless insexual matters and needs Piscean qualities in a partner. Their eighth houses combine to make them super hot, karmic, soul-merging, and deeply emotional.


I don’t know if Rihanna and Drake are officially together or not, but I really hope so for them, because it must be amazing, out of control, Neptunian, larger than life spiritual sex behind those doors — which I wish everyone could experience. It would be sad and silly not to use this energy and amazing connection to transcend to the heights of sexual bliss and soul union.

Their love is definitely written in the stars.

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