Find Out Your Spirit Politician Based on Astrology

You’ve already figured out which Trump woman you are, but now you can discover which politician you are based on your political sign! Some are a bit unsurprising, like Hillary being a Scorpio. But others are shocking, who would guess that Bernie Sanders and Carly Fiorina shared the same sign? Find out who’s your star sister (or brother) below.

AQUARIUS: Dick Cheney

According to Smart Politics, those under the Aquarius sign are most likely to be president, with 20% of winning elections in history being won by an Aquarius. Some notable Aquarius are Abraham Lincoln, FDR, and Ronald Reagan. Aquarius is known to be popular, attractive, insensitive, and unpredictable; which sounds a bit like a winning combo for political success.

While Dick never  became president, he’s been regarded as one of the most powerful VPs in history, which is pretty cool for him, not so much for the rest of us. Especially the Middle East.

But Cheney might just get his comeuppance: Aquarius is also allegedly the most unlucky in love.

PISCES: Mitt Romney

Pisces are known to be dreamy and romantic, which is not exactly how most people probably view Mitt Romney, but he’s apparently super romantic and majorly obsessed with his wife, Ann, according to Vanity Fair.

Pisces also tend to be spiritual, detached, and focused on their “inner journeys.” Perhaps this could explain Romney’s Mormon faith? The two fish in the Pisces sign symbolize the paradoxes within the sign, which could explain Mitt’s romantic behavior towards his wife vs. his unemotional behavior when it comes to literally anything else. Tim Kaine is also a Pisces, so maybe his whole “boring” persona isn’t as boring as we think it is?

ARIES: Thomas Jefferson

Aries are known for impressive leadership qualities, which makes it surprising that Thomas Jefferson is actually the only president under the Aries sign, meaning we haven’t had an Aries president in 206 years. Ouch. Then again, Hugh Hefner is also an Aries, so maybe Aries just choose to use their leadership to organize a group of bombshell babes rather than organize a shit-show of a country? Who knows?

TAURUS: John Kasich

Tauruses are known for being stubborn, but also hard-working and practical. How else could you describe Kasich’s anti-Trump ad that’s been making the round on social media lately? Not to mention the fact that he chose to skip the RNC last week, what a BAMF.

GEMINI: George W. Bush and Donald Trump

Oh, Gemini, aren’t you lucky? Like George W. Bush and Donald Trump, you’re notorious for your dual personality and you love the sound of your own voice. Geminis are also known to choose careers that allow them to communicate. The first (and only other) Gemini president was JFK, who has almost nothing in common with Bush or Trump, which lends credence to that whole “Gemini dual personality” thing.

CANCER: Elizabeth Warren

Cancers are known to avoid conflict, which is ironic considering the Twitter clap-back that Warren wrote to Donald Trump after he called her “goofy.” Cancers are also known to be loyal, perhaps this is why Bernie-bros are so upset about her endorsing Hillary Clinton at the DNC?

LEO: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

Leo’s are the “royal leaders” in the zodiac, which could explain why both of these well-liked presidents made the cut. Leos are also known for their positive thinking, warm-heartedness, and generosity, which sound pretty democratic to us. While Herbert Hoover, also a Leo, was technically a Republican, he also put into place many leftward leaning practices. Leos are lit.

VIRGO: Bernie Sanders and Carly Fiorina

Alright Virgo, choose your own adventure here. Do you exhibit the sincere and caring Virgo qualities like the Bernster? Or are you overly critical, strict with rules, and shady like Carly? Maybe a little bit of both? The zodiac signs kind of failed us here, but hey, at least Virgos can choose if they want to be the good guy or the psycho today.

LIBRA: Jimmy Carter

Like Jimmy Carter, Libras are known for weighing their options and going with the peaceful decision. Libras are also known for being team players and being popular. Carter’s winning of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 shows his Libra-like abilities to be caring and “do the right thing.”

SCORPIO: Hillary Clinton

As a Scorpio, you’re fierce af, just like Hillary. Scorpios are known for keeping secrets (v important in politics as we know) and keeping their emotions low-key. Scorpios are also known for being freaks in bed… so maybe Hil was down to be with a fuckboy like Bill after all.

SAGITTARIUS: Randos That You Probs Don’t Recognize

Do you recognize any of these past presidents, Sag? We wouldn’t either. From the left to right it’s Franklin Pierce, Zachary Taylor, and Martin Van Buren. Sagittarius are best fit for careers in the media or arts, not politics, which may be why none of these guys were super memorable. But, cheer up, the Sagittarius is also known to be the luckiest in love.


Capricorns are the mountain goats, which really seems so fitting for Ted, don’t you think? Like Cruz, you tend to appear cold or overly calm to others, and you’re big on family and tradition. Unfortunately, times are a changin’ and tradition isn’t going to get you the American vote in this election. Better luck next time!

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