Hillary’s Running Mate Is A Senator From Virginia Who Calls Himself ‘Boring’

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton just announced her running mate, and the first thing I’ve learned about Senator Tim Kaine is that he identifies as “boring.”

And since monitoring this entire election has felt like watching a reality show for some time now, let’s just judge it for what it feels like—pretty funny.

When asked about what his problems as VP might be back in June, Tim told CNN, “I am boring.”

And then added, “But boring is the fastest-growing demographic in this country.”

That’s a hilarious thing to say!

Kaine was also an option for President Obama’s VP search back in 2008, and was someone who came out supporting Hillary before she even announced that she’d run.

In case you’re wondering why she actually picked him, take it from NPR (if you want):

“He is a low-risk pick, comes from a swing state that has become increasingly crucial in presidential elections, has a reputation as a moderate who works across the aisle, and doesn’t overshadow the top of the ticket.”

He also speaks Spanish and is 10 years younger than Hillary; it’s always good to see presidential candidates spicing up their lives.

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